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Waiting for admission

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JustNotCoping123 Sun 22-Sep-19 10:43:05

I don't post much on MN, but sometimes anonymous is good.

I've been ill for 2yrs this time, I was bulimic, now anorexic. I've been receiving support and therapy from outpatients for the past year, but things have now got to the point where we've agreed an admission is the way forward. I've never been inpatient before.

It's understandably taking some time to identify a bed, I'm just finding the wait really difficult. I've isolated myself from everyone so spending all my time in my house on my own, feeling very low about it all and how it's got to this point.

Not sure what the point of this post is really, but sometimes talking to strangers is easier than admitting how much you are struggling to people in real life sad

JustNotCoping123 Sun 22-Sep-19 17:42:25

anyone? sad

Lougle Sun 22-Sep-19 17:46:11

I'm so sorry that you're struggling, but if you have accepted that admission is the way forward, you must be stronger than you think. flowers

dairymilkmonster Sun 22-Sep-19 20:17:06

Sending hugs. You are doing the right thing. Take some puzzle books, sewing, crafts, colouring or other activities with you!
Fight it hard now - I'm 20yrs into ED and wish i'd fought for recovery early on.

Equimum Sat 28-Sep-19 09:16:48

Justnotcoping sometime inpatient admissions can really help. If you can, make the most of the therapy on offer and ask for help whenever you need it. I had a few admissions years ago, and once I really worked, it did make a difference (although I will admit, I needed support for some time afterwards).

Good luck. Take lots of things that will keep your mind busy and help you to relax.

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