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MIL needs help, but can I give it?

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Netiquette Tue 03-Sep-19 11:00:20

I have been very concerned about MIL for a number of years now. About 8 years ago (at the age of 65) she took a piece of hair to a woman in the back room of a crystal shop who told her to abstain from wheat, dairy, red meat, wine and coffee. Overnight, she dropped all these and became obsessive. She has never been healthy since. She is always at the doctor or hospital, has had every test known to man but they all come back clear. She's had dizzy/fainting spells and looks 10 years older and frailer than my own parents who are the same age. She now eats very little decent food, except myriad supplements and has just spent another week in hospital on a drip and having even more tests (again, all clear) after a fainting spell and 'virus'. Her only topic of conversation is her health and her indulgent husband and four sons seem unwilling to discuss it honestly with her but SILs and I have seen it for years and feel if she was our mother we'd be tackling it head on. I heard recently of Orthorexia and have done some research and it describes MIL to a tee. We have tried gently to talk to her but she gets very annoyed and is convinced she has some kind of untraceable disease and that her diet is not the problem but the solution. All of us SILs have broached it with our DHs but they are dismissive of us because she's their Mammy and she knows what's best. I think she needs an intervention but how do we do that?

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