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Not sure what's wrong

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tytytyty Wed 31-Jul-19 00:50:36

I've always been extremely fussy and very limited with what I eat, i pretty much would only eat children's food(e.g spaghetti and sausage Heinz, pizza). However recently it's gotten worse. I now only eat Maryland cookies and cheesestrings and only drink lucozade energy drinks. When I say this, I mean literally I have a pack of cookies and a pack of cheesestrings a day and that is it, and has been this way for about a month now. I'm wondering if anyone knows what's wrong with me.

rosesandcashmere Wed 31-Jul-19 00:55:58

It sounds like you have very disordered eating. Please explain this to your GP, they can help.

Gingernaut Wed 31-Jul-19 01:01:11

From what you've just described, it sounds like a combination of selective eating disorder and anorexia.

You really need to speak to a GP and be completely honest about what and how you're eating.

Gingernaut Wed 31-Jul-19 01:05:09


Gingernaut Wed 31-Jul-19 01:09:21

Sorry, I'll just try that again.

Google, I hate you sometimes.

Aridane Wed 31-Jul-19 02:31:07

EDNOS? and GP!

softkittywarmkitty28 Thu 01-Aug-19 14:05:43

Sounds like disordered eating but there's nothing pointing to anorexia in your original post

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