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23 years of anorexia & bulimia taking is toll on my body

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WiganLass1984 Mon 29-Jul-19 23:43:28

I'm Nearly 35 & had a couple of years of anorexia at 12/13 which somehow developed into bulimia which is taking its toll on my body, for the last week I've been getting severe pains in my chest at night which don't go for hours - I know you should never google but I have & I think I have acid reflux maybe a hernia caused by all the wretching making myself sick. I did end up telling my husband a few years ago but I think he thinks I haven't done it since cos he's never mentioned it! I can't remember what my life was like without it does anyone else think that?

DaisyChainsGetBroken Mon 29-Jul-19 23:45:20

Have you had your bloods done yest? Please go and get them done tomo at gp. Electrolyte levels can be badly disturbed in bulimia and cause heart issues. Not to scare you but is important. It is a horrid illness

WiganLass1984 Wed 31-Jul-19 14:54:10

Hi no I haven't, what would I even ask for? My GP doesn't know I still have this & I've had issues before getting life insurance when I've declared it - now they ask in the last 5 years have you had xyz so I can say no as it's longer than that since I spoke to my doctor about it...

DaisyChainsGetBroken Wed 31-Jul-19 15:14:11

If you are regularly vomiting your potassium and other electrolytes can be dangerously bad. One of the main causes of death in eating disorders is heart problems. This is more important than life insurance.

saralola Thu 01-Aug-19 17:32:55


After ever binge and purge have a sachet of Dioralyte. Obviously mix it with water. This will replace the water and salt you have lost from throwing up.

You probably do have hiatal hernia which is pushing against your diaphragm.

If you do not want to mention your bulimia then don't because I know someone who has had bulimia most their life and had this problem but not once mentioned it to their GP. Treatment is very long but definitely get it checked out.

Good luck.

cavalier Thu 01-Aug-19 17:36:46

Good luck please get help

WiganLass1984 Thu 01-Aug-19 23:32:21

Thank you so much I'll definitely go to my doctor & tell him
I think I might have a hernia, if he looks in my history & asks me directly I'll probably have to be honest but if not maybe he'll refer me for a scan to check it out. I really appreciate the advice

Alislia17 Fri 02-Aug-19 04:13:36

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suziejac Wed 07-Aug-19 17:32:31

I had bulimia for 2-3 years...I eventually saw a therapist who specialised in eating disorders and it was the light at the end of the tunnel...I had similar pains that you are describing and never felt particularly well due to all the vomiting . Bulimia made me secretive and I felt's a nasty illness,I hid it very well from my husband until the point I thought I don't want to live in this was all I could think about. If you can afford it go for a private therapist in terms of treating the illness,the nhs wouldn't do anything for me unless my weight was dangerously low. But I would go to the gp and say that you have chest pains. If you ever want to PM me more than welcome x

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