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Do I need to be worried about an eating disorder??

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PumpkinPie99 Mon 15-Jul-19 20:38:54

So I'm 19 years old and in the last year I've put on a lot of weight. I had attributed this to starting antidepressants. However, I was making excuses for myself, in reality I was binging on junk - crisps and sweets etc.
Last year I begun to make myself sick, I managed to get a hold of it myself but negative thoughts towards my body, binging and cyclic dieting resumed.
My issues have picked up again, culminating in emotional breakdowns and a fear of looking in the mirror/gaining weight. I have been trying to lose weight by following a strict diet-I still eat but just healither.
On occasion (roughly 2 times a week) I make myself sick after a big meal if I feel quite full. TMI sorry - but I don't have to stick my fingers down my throat anymore, it's too easy to do, I just have to cough a certain way and it happens.
I have no self esteem when it comes to my body, I feel much fatter compared to everyone else and I really judge and analyse myself in the mirror.
Am I at risk of an eating disorder??

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