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Binging or just greedy ?

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lottieleo Wed 03-Jul-19 19:58:17

As a teen I was always pretty obsessed with eating I used to use it to control my anxiety and ocd, on and off for 10plus years. For some reason I wouldn't eat if I was going anywhere or had plans ect only ever in the comfort of my own home preferably later in the evening when I could relax.
So anyways I've clearly always used food in relation to emotions.
Ive now pretty much been anxiety free "most of the time" for a around 4 years however even though i hate the way I look and my weight i constantly secretly eat.
An I genuinely don't know if I'm just greedy with no self control or there's more to it. Il binge on rubbish food every 4/5days then tell myself that's the last time, I also can't have any crisp /choc /goodies in the house or I will eat them in a sitting. Once the thought of the item is in my head I can't get it out and I have to have it. Tonight I bought a pack of chocolate pastries for the families breakfast and I ate the pack of 3 down stairs whilst I was "doing the dishes" and I genuinely don't know why I did it. Is this just normal behaviour for some people and I'm just greedy and need to learn self control.

Sorry if that all sounds ridiculous.

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