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I think I'm suffering with bulimia?

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Germanshepherdlover Sun 23-Jun-19 20:17:32

Hi all, I was reading one of my magazines today it was talking about bulimia and it made me believe I may be suffering. What do you think?

I over eat, even when I'm not hungry, to the point my stomach hurts and I cant stop

I'm constantly sad about my weight, then I start eating to make myself feel better

I hide food from my partner, because I'm embarrassed as I've probably already eaten.

I've been that down and depressed I made myself vomit. My partner caught me one time and hes followed me to the toilet ever since.

The only happiness for me is when I'm eating food. I get really angry if I cant eat l, even when I know I'm not hungry.

I'll eat a lot of food, feel really sad and guilty after, so I'll go on a diet.

Am I being silly?

lljkk Sun 23-Jun-19 20:19:37

You tick the boxes.

wallacea90 Wed 10-Jul-19 23:02:53

I wouldn't say bulimia, bulimia is where you binge & purge (vomiting, laxatives, over exercise) so unless you do this every time you feel you overeat it's not bulimia, maybe EDNOS or OFSED

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