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We’re thinking about merging this section, what do you think?

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MichaelMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 24-May-19 13:51:10

Hi all,
We’re doing some work on making the Talk boards more useful and user-friendly for both regular and new users. After looking at some stats for the site, we think we could boost activity on the whole by merging some of the lesser used sections.

We’re proposing to fold the topics in this section into the General health area.

This should increase the number of topics in the section - and hopefully lead to more posts and responses to members.

TheOrigFV45 Fri 24-May-19 15:51:59

Personally I think the ED topics will get lost in General Health. I recognise that there is not much traffic, but now and again there are really very, very supportive and open discussions.

I also don't think EDs comes under the banner of General Health; they can be very serious mental health disorders.

endlesslyrepeating Fri 24-May-19 20:53:51

I’d have thought it would fit better under mental health if you were merging, I’d never think to go to general health for EDs. Agree with first poster too that this is highly useful

TellySavalashairbrush Tue 28-May-19 20:48:23

I agree about placing this under mental health, rather than general health. It’s a mental health disorder.

ladypete Wed 29-May-19 17:10:40

I would love it to stay I section in its own, bit of you must merge it, mental health is the place to put it. I still worry that posts will be lost there though.

isthatabloborwhat Wed 29-May-19 17:17:53

Agree with other posters, it needs to ideally have a place all its own. This is a specific thing, and posters will need responses from people who understand or can empathise/advise. People will also be able to find and read previous threads easily.

trickyex Sat 01-Jun-19 17:22:49

I think its better to keep it as it is. I think its a shame it isnt much used as there is a need for more support around EDs.
Deffo a mental health issue rather than general health though.

PurpleDaisies Sat 01-Jun-19 17:23:20

No. It needs to stay a separate section

Gingernaut Sat 01-Jun-19 17:27:01

Merge Eating Disorders into Mental Health?

ValancyRedfern Sat 27-Jul-19 18:30:18

It's often upset me how quiet it is here. (Previously on here under a different name) Eating disorders are so common but there doesn't seem to be the engagement here and posts written in desperation can go unanswered. I think a merge with mental health could work as there is so much overlap with other mental health conditions. Definitely not general health.

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