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Chest pain

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golddustwomen Sat 16-Mar-19 15:53:34


I binge and purge a couple of times a week. I know I need to stop this and am working on it. I purged Tuesday and Wednesday this week, since then I have been having horrible chest pains. Started in my left side and has now got to my right but mostly on my left. Feels very tight and is very uncomfortable. Is this a common side affect from purging? I'm really worried. Tia

PinkBuffalo Sat 16-Mar-19 15:59:28

If you are worried, please call 111 who can advise you (they may want you to get checked out)
Hope all goes OK though. I've had very restrictive eating for much of my life, so I can sympathise with you. But it's better to be on the safe side so I would call them x

golddustwomen Sat 16-Mar-19 18:13:06

Thank you for replying. I will go to the walk in tomorrow if it hasn't eased. Thank you.

PurpleDaisies Sat 16-Mar-19 18:14:34

Please seek medical advice now. You need to rule out it being something serious.

PinkBuffalo Sat 16-Mar-19 19:23:29

Purpledaisies is right OP. Just give them a call now and they will advise. Much safer that way

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