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Anyone else into this Intuitive Eating?

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codswallup Sat 16-Mar-19 14:16:38

I'm one of these people who has dieted on and off for a good 30 years now, tried nearly every diet going to then put the weight back on and a bit more on top. I've now had enough and have discovered Intuitive Eating. It's basically getting rid of the diet mentality you have and learning to listen to what YOUR body needs and tells you which can lead to loosing weight and becoming healthier to what YOUR body wants. Anyone else tried this and been successful?

Sweetbabycheezits Wed 27-Mar-19 18:34:38

Hi!! Don't know if you're still around...but I've been doing IE solidly for 2 years now (after many starts and stops over about 10 years). It's really working for me, and I have never been so carefree about food in my life!
The weight gain side was a real the past, every time I gained, I went back to dieting. I was determined to persevere this time though, so I worked on body image and confidence first and foremost. I gained about a stone in the first year of IE, didn't go back to dieting, and have pretty much stayed at this weight. It isn't the weight I would have chosen years ago, but this is the most stable my weight has ever been.
Exercise is trickier. I spent my whole life exercising for weight loss, and I can't seem to untie those two things. I'm just recently doing so e bodyweight exercises and stretching, which feels good for now... I'm hoping to keep it up. I can probably never run again...that was really problematic for me when I was dieting.
Anyway...glad I found this thread! Good luck...I hope it's going well for you!

codswallup Sat 30-Mar-19 16:18:20

Hi, I've started reading a book about it all and every scenario was me, I'm the typical been there, done that, got the T-shirt, sick to the back teeth of it now. It's true what they say though that dieting actually makes you put more weight on, for me anyway. Thought I'd reach out to see if anyone else was doing it and if they had any success with it.
I don't do any exercise, my boobs are very large and don't make it easy to exercise so I'm starting off with gentle walks when I'm up to it as it's better than nothing, then hopefully they will get more strenuous and help me get fitter.

Sweetbabycheezits Mon 01-Apr-19 19:44:39

Yes!! I felt exactly the same way when I started reading more about IE. I just finished a really good one called The F@ck It Diet by Caroline Dooner; it was relevant for me because it's for people who want to break away from disordered eating and diet culture, rather than eating disorders recovery, which doesn't really fit my situation.
Like you, I'm sick to the back teeth of dieting and controlling every bloody bite that goes is 2 short! I struggled a bit with accepting weight gain, but I can now honestly say that I'd rather be a size 18/20 and content, than thin and batshit crazy!'s not an easy journey, so good luck. It works if you're willing to work it.💐

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