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Unsure If I have an eating disorder.

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Mrsema Wed 27-Feb-19 20:53:53

As title explains, I am unsure if I have an eating disorder or not.
The debate has come up with my husband several times a day for a while now.

Will explain briefly -
I needed to lose "baby weight". I'd actually put on over a stone since having him by the time he was 2 months.
I went to Slimming World to lose the weight and get to pre pregnancy size.
I got into healthy eating, counting syns through calorie counting.
Woman were losing 7 - 8 lb a time and I was just losing half a lb at a time.
Feeling defeated, I cut out all syns completely and stuck to only fruit and veg (salads mostly, adding some chicken) once a day. Sometimes skipping eating a few days a week too. It very quickly became a habit that I can NOT break. That's just what I do now.
I got to my target within 2 months since starting (down only 2 and & a half stone)

I haven't been back on the scales since.
I've carried on eating the way I did as it is habit. But a healthy habit. I dont even look at cake or chocolate or crisps.. what's the point? I'm happy eating what I eat.

My husband thinks I have an eating disorder. I won't go back on the scales - i have no need to. I dont feel a need or a want to look at numbers appear on the scale to be judged.

My clothes are baggy but i do not feel like I am losing weight at all. I still don't like the size I am but I'm not bothered hmm

I feel like its extreme to say I have an eating disorder because there are plenty people who seriously do have one and its a terrible thing to suffer from.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

tanya1986 Fri 01-Mar-19 00:30:35

You really need to break this cycle now. I have suffered with eating disorders for 18 years.. your mental health will suffer also. You sound exactly like me right now as I have been slipping backwards as I hate the weight gain since having my daughter a year and a half ago. I suffer with body dysmorphia also I am never happy with my body. Please talk to your gp

You dont think it's an issue until a few years down the line and you realise you look like a skeleton

Mrsema Sun 03-Mar-19 13:55:29

@tanya1986 thank you for your reply. I will book an appointment tomorrow. I thought i could break the cycle but i cant. I feel physically sick doing so but didn't know this could continue for years. Maybe I do have a problem after all and I will address that now. I've never liked my body. But after my 3rd baby that has hit a new high of disgust

Cuch Thu 14-Mar-19 22:27:04

Listen to yourself.

You are eating only once a day.
You are eating only fruit, vegetables and chicken.
You won’t get on the scales (in denial)
You say you cannot break this extremely restrictive and unhealthy pattern of eating.

You have an eating disorder. And this is not a healthy habit at all.

RichardYeager Mon 10-Jun-19 14:00:29

How do you meet your daily caloric needs?

BollocksToBrexit Mon 10-Jun-19 14:08:26

You have days when you eat next to nothing and days where you actually eat nothing. It's not a healthy habit, it's an eating disorder.

sugarbum Mon 10-Jun-19 14:14:16

yes my love that is an eating disorder. you are starving yourself. well done for saying you're making an appointment. Please do so.

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