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On the road to anorexia?

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Sogothimdead Mon 11-Feb-19 11:46:42

This is my first thread here but I’m slightly concerned about my dd who is trying to lose weight so I was wondering if this sounds like enough?
Breakfast: just coffee with milk
Lunch: half a can of spaghetti hoops and cucumber
Dinner: roasted pepper and cottage cheese
She says that this gives her a light feeling

bobstersmum Mon 11-Feb-19 11:49:43

At a guess that's probably less than a third of her recommended daily calorie intake, even for when dieting. How old is she?

AngelaStorm73 Mon 11-Feb-19 11:52:00

Yes that is concerning
And that she likes the "light feeling"

Is their someone you could talk to? A school counsellor? CAMHS?

Sogothimdead Mon 11-Feb-19 11:52:03

She is thirteen

ApolloandDaphne Mon 11-Feb-19 11:55:52

Has she just started this? I remember trying to diet like that when I was younger but within two days I was back on cheese and pickle sandwiches! If she has been eating like this for a while I would be concerned. If this is the first day I would give it a few days to see where it leads.

FleeceDetective Mon 11-Feb-19 11:58:55

What is the motivation for her dieting? Is she overweight?

Sogothimdead Mon 11-Feb-19 12:01:14

She is overweight yes

1wokeuplikethis Mon 11-Feb-19 12:02:48

There’s will be a bunch of people along shortly saying exactly this:

At 13 her body requires sufficient nutrition inclusive of healthy fats, carbs, protein and basically all food groups. Which she is not getting with that ‘meal plan’.

If she’s overweight then cut out chocolate, crisps, fried food and seek earthier alternatives.

And harsh but true; you’re her mother and at 13 she isn’t old enough to be in sole charge of what she eats all day. You need to provide the food she eats and talk to her about healthy eating and how food gives her energy, makes her grow, makes her hair shiny etc. Encourage her to make healthy choices and do plenty of exercise.

1wokeuplikethis Mon 11-Feb-19 12:03:20

Healthier alternatives

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