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Pregnancy and binge eating

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ellienotts Thu 31-Jan-19 08:52:11

I’m 26 weeks pregnant and my eating habits have deteriorated rapidly since I’ve become pregnant and I need to vent.

A bit of history: I suffered with bulimia for a few years in my teenage years but have been in a stable place for a good few years. I also have IBS which has meant I’ve had to keep an eye on what I eat to control my symptoms. However during pregnancy my IBS has totally gone (wahoo!) but alongside this I’ve started really overeating.
I feel really out of control and don’t feel able to use coping mechanisms that have previously helped (running in particular, my midwife has told me to stop even waking to work due to pelvic pain.) I hate that my pregnancy is being tarred by this. I just want to eat normally and I’m so worried about the effect my eating is going to have on my babies health.

I hate seeing my body get bigger and bigger, made worse by the fact that people seem to think it’s FINE to comment on weight gain when you’re pregnant.

Has anyone experienced anything similar? Any advice? I don’t really want to talk to my midwife as she’s not been fantastic and always seems very rushed and wants to get me in and out.

Vent over and out!

MummEE2 Wed 06-Feb-19 09:08:50

Could you try and have nothing unhealthy at home so when you feel like bingeing you can only have healthy things?

Also make sure you get plenty of sleep if you can as not getting enough makes you snack. Look whether there's any underlining reasons of why you're comfort eating.

I gained quite a lot of weight in my second pregnancy as was eating whatever I fancied, crisps every day etc. My baby is 3 months old now and I'm really struggling to lose the baby weight. So from my experience I'd try to eat healthier if I had the opportunity to do it again. I know it's easier said than done.

leo1988 Wed 20-Feb-19 10:23:13

Oh I really feel for you. I gained a lot of weight very quickly in my pregnancy and people seemed to think it was acceptable to comment.. It's like normal social rules just don't apply when you're pregnant! Like you, I have a history of eating disorders and although recovered for many years, found the body changes hard to take.

But you may find your eating and weight naturally start to settle soon.. At 6 months pregnant people thought I was ready to pop, but then the last 3 months I barely gained any weight at all. The intense hunger and cravings seemed to naturally disappear. I think as your stomach gets more constricted as baby grows you naturally can't eat as much/feel satisfied much quicker.

Walking and swimming helped me feel better about myself and I think definitely meant I was in better shape for the birth (c section) not necessarily in appearance but in terms of my health.. Could you have physio to help with your pelvic pain and enable you to do some gentle walking?

Keep your chin up and try and believe me when I say once that babys here your worries about your body really will take a back seat. Sending lots of love xc

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