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First dr appointment

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Miltonkeynesmummy Fri 14-Dec-18 07:40:57

After 25 years I've finally come to the realisation I need help with my eating.

As a teenager I had bulimia but hid it well. Through my 20s it was quite sporadic and once I had children I managed to stop. But not the binge eating and secret eating. Now my weight balloons and drops annually. Since January I've put on 4 stone. I've only just realised this isn't normal. I've booked a doctors appointment for next week but I feel like I've got someone inside me screaming at me not to go. That they'll laugh at me and tell me I'm greedy and just fat.

Has anyone got any experience of speaking to a doctor about it and did they offer help?

TheOrigBrave Sun 16-Dec-18 08:22:01

A good GP will refer you to your ED team and they will take over from there.
You should have an initial assessment which will determine what support you need.

The GP step is the hardest. Maybe write some things down.

Good luck

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