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Sunflower0 Fri 12-Oct-18 19:42:07

So im having my referral sorted but im pretty sure its going to be rejected. I guess I've got an atypical eating disorder, cause i don't fit nearly into the guidelines of AN or BN. The criteria this place has will only accept atypical/ednos if you have type 1 or are pregnant.

The fact I've lost 22kg in the last year from purging clearly is a fucking issue but ya know... I'm not pregnant so its alright.

Getting to the point where i just want to disengage from this "help"cause it seems like a load of crap sad

TheOrigFV45 Sat 13-Oct-18 15:55:01

Can you tell us a bit more?
You don't binge and purge? Just purge? What is your weight and height?

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