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Terrified, is this the.start.of a big problem?

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HollowTalk Sat 13-Oct-18 23:27:41

Watch out for her being sick, OP. I think the earlier an eating disorder is reported to the GP, the better the outcome, so I'd be at the doctor's on Monday (on my own) to talk it through.

Bluebuddha10 Sat 13-Oct-18 23:24:51

Don't understand why you cannot book an appointment for her when she is only 15? She's still a child. I would push for an appt to get her reviewed by GP. my daughter has anorexia, been in and out of hospital for years, if it is this, then the quicker it's recognised the better success rate for recovery. It's a very difficult illness to deal with but the longer it has to get a hold the more difficult it is to deal with. Good luck x

Sofizzy Sun 16-Sep-18 22:31:02

Thanks for the link, backforgood, I'll look at that tomorrow. She has come down and got a bowl of cereal, so that's better than nothing

Vapidothefirst Sun 16-Sep-18 21:40:33

She’s 15 but the GP won’t let you book for her?

Remove phones/laptops and look for proana/thinspiration tags and searches. Better to know what you’re dealing with as soon as possible

BackforGood Sun 16-Sep-18 21:38:18

Beat will advise you.

It is a terrifying place to be, as a parent, my heart goes out to you.

Sofizzy Sun 16-Sep-18 19:09:41

Dd is 15. She barely eats anything, and has been like this for a long time. However, it is really clear to me now, that this is all about control.
Life is difficult, as DS has adhd, and this affects her. She stays in her room most of the time. me

Today all she has eaten is a sandwich and a cup.of tea. At dinner she came out of her room, said she didn't like the look of it, and refused to eat.
I offered her several alternatives, which I know she likes but, she refused them all.
She would not even have a drink. She sat there with her head turned away from us all and refused to talk or eat at all. D'S nagged at her to eat, and that seemed to strengthen her resolve to not touch a thing. Then went straight back to her room.
Dh just took her a cup o f tea, and she just scowled.
I don't know what to do. I'm terrified that this will get more serious. She is tiny for her age, and I wonder if this is cos she hasn't eaten properly for years.
Can anyone offer advice?
G P won't let me book an appointment for her, as it must be done on line, and she needs her own account due to her age.
She won't book an appointment for herself, as she insists there is nothing wrong.line
I don't know where to turn for help.

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