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ChocFudgeLover Sun 11-Feb-18 20:52:59

Has anyone got a diagnosis? Can I ask how and if it was easy? I believe my child may have it.

kiabella Wed 11-Apr-18 23:08:11

Currently it’s a really grey area and eating disorder services aren’t commissioned to accept ARFID diagnosis’s to their caseload, however your child may be accepted for consultation based on physical risk, but usually it would be the role of CAMHS to work on the trigger factors (they will sometimes try and encourage ED teams to take on all ARFID but the first line treatment isn’t beneficial to ARFID)
I would suggest visiting your GP and requesting a referral to the ED team. if it’s ARFID and CAMHS would be more appropriate the ED team would arrange this referral. Good luck OP x

justawhisper Sat 28-Apr-18 11:37:03

Not officially but I'm an adult though have had this all my life.

Currently live on salad cream sandwiches, biscuits, plain crisps, crumpets and rice pops (certain brands, too)

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