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I think it's time to admit I might have an ED

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RubyRoses Wed 11-Oct-17 22:29:41

I have always battled with my weight and bounced from periods of being a healthy weight to more often being very overweight. This alone is not my main concern though. I used to binge and make myself sick daily, but haven't for many years, however now I cannot stop the binging. In my head I almost think it would be healthier if I returned to also being sick to counterbalance the effects slightly, but I made a promise I would stop that and am trying to stick to it.

I feel awful at the moment, I don't want to see people as I am embarrassed and I am totally out of control. Every day I eat at least 2 family bags of chocolate/sweets and at least 2 pastries/cakes - yesterday I had 4 in less than 5mins! - (it costs a fortune too!!) and prioritise getting these over almost everything else. I don't know where to begin with stopping and am so ashamed of myself.

I don't even know what I hope to achieve from posting it, maybe admitting I have a problem will help, but have I got a problem or am I simply making excuses? Does this sound like an ED to you?

Thank you so much for your comments and please be as honest as you can, I need to hear it. Any advise would also be very welcomed.

wizzywig Wed 11-Oct-17 22:31:03

Im not a medical person. Im exactly the same as you. I think i have an eating disorder. But ive never sought treatment for it

notanurse2017 Wed 11-Oct-17 22:31:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

veryintellijent Wed 11-Oct-17 22:34:13

Sounds like you've got poor willpower.

Maybe get some cbt

Fattychan123 Wed 11-Oct-17 22:35:16


I think your very brave for posting this !

I think you definitely have an unhealthy relationship with food but it's good you have acknowledged that. I think you need to try and work out the problem behind it so you can tackle that first.

I used to struggle a lot with food I used to just get home from school and eat and eat and eat I would eat a weeks worth of shopping in a day. Then I went to binging and then vomiting and then to just plain starving.

I think once you have worked out the root cause you should try to look into learning about nutrition and health and what foods are good for you etc. this defo helped me and it puts me off fad diets when I have gained a bit etc.

It's so true everything in moderation is key.

I hope you can work what's behind the bad relationship with food. It's definitely not an on and off switch for me so I doubt it will be for you.

DancingLedge Wed 11-Oct-17 22:41:28
Well done you on the first giant step- acknowledging the problem.
Seek expert help : BEAT are very good.

BlueSofaPinkLamp Fri 13-Oct-17 06:04:11

Please ignore the poster who said you had poor willpower, how rude.

Of course you have an eating disorder, it would be worth speaking to your doctor to try and get some help.

In the meantime, try and work out the answer to “if I wasn’t thinking about food, I’d be thinking about...?”. For me, recovering from a very similar situation required me to take a big look at my life and work out what needed to change. I also started on a low dose of antidepressants which gave me the boost in mood I needed to get through it.

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