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13yo DD - Suspected ED

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WhyOhWine Wed 04-Oct-17 18:51:07

My 13 yo DD has developed some issues with food, including weight loss. She had a pretty bad time over a period of about 6 mnths for reasons outside her control and I suspect the eating issues may have been triggered by wanting to feel in control of something. The eating issues got better for a while as things improved (and the trigger issues are now in the past), but over the last couple of weeks I have noticed she is starting to be funny about food again, We have arranged a GP appointment and I suspect she will get referred to a specialist. I wanted to know really what to expect. She says she is not going to the GP (or if she goes will not be co-operative) so any tips on that would also be helpful.

Minimoan Sat 07-Oct-17 23:08:41

This site is a great source of information, support and advice for families:

Hope it helps!

yummumto3girls Sun 15-Oct-17 22:12:20

It will depend on your DD's weight/BMI and if this is affecting her health. They will measure blood pressure sitting and standing to see if it drops in between which could then indicate that her heart is struggling! (When there is no fat to burn the body will burn muscle and the heart is one big muscle!) if the GP is concerned they will refer - each area of the country seems different however we were referred to a Peadeatrician specialising in ED and CAMHS. It's scary but my DD (age 13) turned it around but it is tough, hard work and heart breaking. Good luck to you and your DD.

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