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Can anyone recommend a specialist or clinic?

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Anjelika Thu 18-May-17 12:45:57


Hope you ladies don't mind me posting here. My DSIL has anorexia. She's in her forties and has suffered for years. She is absolutely skeletal yet can't find anyone to help. After several years, the NHS has now discharged her as there's nothing more they can do. Her private therapist sadly passed away and others she has tried would not take her on as it's so ingrained and one of them actually said he wouldn't take money from her just to watch her die. My DBIL
is at the end of his tether - not with my DSIL I hasten to add - but with trying to get support for her. They are based in the East Midlands but I'm sure they'd be prepared to travel for the right kind of help. If anyone has any suggestions I could pass on to her I'd be grateful. I'm not doing this behind her back by the way. She really wants to get help.

Minimoan Fri 19-May-17 23:22:27

Hope those ideas help?

Anjelika Wed 24-May-17 11:20:58

Thanks Minimoan. I will take a look at these

EMSMUM16 Sat 03-Jun-17 08:30:54

I totally sympathise with this. My son has the same ongoing ED its awful. If she has not had long term placement I would give it a go. But it would have to be funded by local NHS. They should not discharge because they don't know what to do/can't do any more! This is just giving up on her & leaving her to cope alone & ultimately to die. That is not good enough. Important for everyone else not to give up, maybe help find another private therapist? This is the route we have taken after lots of ineffective inpatient & outpatient treatment. She will have to find something that suits her, unfortunately the NHS 'one size fits all' approach does not work for everyone & they give up too easily. I don't believe that its not possible for your DSIL to get into recovery no matters how long the ED has endured, its just finding the right thing for her. We are also in this process but I would expect the NHS & Lical Authority (adult services) to work togethet as well to help, it is appauling that they have discharged due to not having answers, mental health rarely is cut & dried.

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