How did you recover?

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BlueSofaPinkLamp Sat 18-Mar-17 17:01:29

I'm currently receiving counselling for recovery from bulimia and have done almost a year of cbt too, both which have helped but I still slip into old ways and every couple of weeks have a massive binge and spend all day binging/purging.

What was it for you that helped you to finally become free of your eating disorder, or at least to be in control of it?

I have stopped restricting myself as I know it worsens it, i find it so hard to know any binges will make me gain weight though as I can't put myself through the restriction to lose it again. My BMI is probably just over 20 so I'm not overweight but I have got so used to being slim and can't stand the thought of putting weight on. I do sometimes wonder if this is what is holding me back from getting past this last bit of recovery.

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