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13 yr old mental health with eating disorder - how do I deal with it

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241coco Tue 07-Mar-17 22:43:24

My 13 year old daughter has a fluctuating mental health state. whilst we are both trying to deal with her eating disorder, self harming, anorexia and now aneamia, her moods are all over the place and I simply don't know how to cope with them. Sometimes she's extremely withdrawn, other times I can hardly get her to speak with me (about anything). some days she eats whilst others she stares at her food like it's going to cause her serious harm. And all this is not only difficult for me (and of course her) to deal with but it's affecting my other daughter who is 9

Minimoan Thu 09-Mar-17 05:49:19

Try here - lots of parents helping each other!

MiddleAgedMother Sat 11-Mar-17 16:32:42

Can't recommend around the dinner table enough.
Kept me sane and gave great advice at terrible times.

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