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I am a classic night time binger :/

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alwaystimeforgin Fri 07-Oct-16 18:02:20

Just looking for a bit of advice really, I am a single mum and find it a struggle to
eat proper meals throughout the day. I cook for my daughter healthy and nutritious food but she eats at very early times so I am not really hungry when she is. During the day I exist on coffees and maybe a small sandwich or a soup. I don't feel hungry at all until around 6/7pm in the evening.However, once she is in bed I go CRAZY with food. I have been known to eat a whole packet of cakes, a multipack of crisps, toast then a full meal afterwards. It's like I don't have an off switch! I guess I am a bit concerned that is bad for my metabolism and that I may start to put on weight. At the moment, I am a healthy weight (I have a BMI of 20) but I don't want my daughter to pick up on my unhealthy eating habits! (I ate all her biscuits the other day and she was not impressed!) I did suffer from bulimia as a teenager but I don't purge anymore, I just binge blush

Any advice please?

marvelousdcomics Sat 08-Oct-16 19:52:30

Hi, both me and my dd(14) have been through binge eating disorder. It's very traumatising, as you'll know, especially for an ex anorexic/bulimic.

More often than not, binge eating disorder is a result of low body confidence and self esteem. You need to address any issues such as these in order to combat the eating. After this, me and dd began eating healthy, exercising more and doing more hobbies etc. Make sure you eat sufficiently through the day too - otherwise you binge due to not enough calories.

Hope you are okay today, it's tough but you'll get through it

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