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Sorry for the long post but

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Dancingqueen111 Fri 08-Jul-16 22:45:31

hi guys, not your usual post but i couldn't think of other ways to get some advice. I'm not a mum I'm a 17 year old girl. I'm stuck in a situation that doesn't seem right but I'm not sure if it's something worth fussing over. So for the past year or so I seem to be obsessed with how I look, I've been promising myself that I'm going to work out and go on extreme diets, not always followed through with his, occasionally I will do 3/5 day fasts in order to lose weight. I hate the way I look, I'm 5"7 and 128lb but all I see is fat and my imperfections, for the past few months I've been purging whenever I eat a regular sized meal because I feel guilty and fat for eating it and I binge and then purge like once every two weeks. I'm not an unhealthy eater I don't eat sweets etc my usual day plan is no breakfast as I don't eat in the morning, an apple or small salad for dinner maybe a packet of crisps for snack and then a regular meal of whatever my mum or dad make for tea which I later purge. I only drink water and green tea but I can't help what I'm doing and for some reason I don't want to. I've starting working out in my room, squats sit ups etc and I know what I'm doing doesn't seem right but I want to carry on until I'm skinny, I don't want to be going on my girls holidays with friends etc and look the way I do which others say i look fine. Is this worth fussing over? I don't want to talk to a gp Incase they laugh and send me away and my parents would probably just punish me for doing it. Sorry for the long post

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PriyaMum Fri 05-Aug-16 14:48:24

Need your help ladies - (sorry for the long post).

Our problem -

* Girl 3 year does not self feed.
* Very picky eater
* Gets distracted easily and doesn't want to sit and eat.
* Meal time becomes battle fields sometimes
* we switch the tv on.
* When she asks for food if she is hungry She wants biscuits etc ( i dont give that)

Her behaviour gets worse when we eat out or go on holidays where she doesn't eat a thing but sweets. I have to carry home made stuff like Pasta that she would eat with much difficultly and persuasion.

Once she decides she wont eat thats it.
Very tough.She will start nursery in September and thats my biggest worry as lunch will be served in variety and no one
will spoon feed.

Recommended by a friend we have started to put food in front of her ( whatever she comfortably eats like Parantha, biryani, dal chawal etc ). Me and husband thought all these years we have made a big deal
of food. She is petit so i always made
a point that she eats 3 meals happily.
She is not establishing positive relationship with food, We can sometimes gauge that with her expressions and body language.
So we went ahead with it.
Bearing in mind with Self Feeding, she wont starve her self.

Its been 10 days. She is eaten her porridge all by herself for last 7 days ( upon lot of encouragement).

With lunch and dinner. Its worse, She has not eaten it for last 7 days, sometimes 2-3 bites or nothing at all ( survives on breakfast only)

I am very concerned and stressed.
Normally when I was feeding her she would eat all her 3 meals ( i dont force feed). Snacks on fruits when I help. I am offering her same food that she eats nothing new. Tried adding a few new items to her plate that are ignored.

A friend of mine says. We will get a breakthrough soon. But she seems to be
so determined, its been 10 days. And I see no hope, she seems happy. Asks for biscuits or milk during day when she is hungry. I offer food that she refuses.

I involve her in cooking too, but no change.
I sit with her for meals ( but dinner as husband comes home late)
I took her out, picnics too, but disappointment.

She gets tired by evening and I normally
give her a glass of milk that she drinks
off to sleep. But we r noticing that she is unable to sleep properly, very irritable and
Lashing out at other kids.
One night she woke up 3 times crying. Seems like hunger is getting onto her.But next day its the same.

Not sure what to do
Share your views please.

WhatInTheWorld76 Wed 24-Aug-16 15:47:46

*Admin I think these two threads should be separated*

WhatInTheWorld76 Wed 24-Aug-16 15:59:07

First of all, I'm sorry to hear what's been happening but I think you've done the right thing by reaching out for support.

Secondly, the gp will not laugh, will not judge and will not send you away without offering more help. You appear to be very self-aware and can see that the feelings you are having and your behaviour as a result of these feelings is making you unhappy.

Can I suggest you consider doing a few things:

1) keep an honest food diary (include feelings)
2) get a gp appointment AND/OR
3) Go onto BEAT www.b-eat.Co.UK or call their Youthline on 0345 634 7650 and talk through your feelings confidentially. There's also a Helpfinder on there that may help you.
4) Be kind to yourself - you are a beautiful unique person - you are NOT your weight in kilograms or your clothes size.

The bestest of luck to you and I hope you feel able to reach out once more and get some proper support! flowers

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