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eating disorder or eating habit? (Question)

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Mummyof02 Mon 04-Apr-16 08:29:26

I've noticed that I every time I eat something regardless of what it is or how much,I never finish like I'm chucking something away every time I didn't realise at first. Is this just an eating habit or would this come under a ed? I don't have any problem with my size or how I look as I'm not particularly fussed about that but was just curious to know what this means?

KittyandTeal Mon 04-Apr-16 08:34:36

I would say from the info you've given its just a habit.

How would you feel if you cleaned your plate? Would it be an 'oh I managed to eat all that' then get on with the rest of your day or would it be an internal struggle to force the food down and then feel guilt and worry about it all day, possibly finding something else to not eat to balance it out?

Eating disorders generally come with huge feelings of guilt, loss of control, anxiety and, definitely in my case, a preoccupation with how your body looks.

It sounds like maybe you've got into a habit or maybe you serve yourself a bit too much and, healthily, just stop eating when you're full, therefore ending up with food left on your plate.

thatcoldfeeling Mon 04-Apr-16 09:12:05

It would be an ED behavior I guess, so not eating disordered in itself, but something that would be a part of an eating disorder if it came with other stuff. I suppose a way to consider whether it is a bit of a control behavior or not (and therefore potentially problematic) is - CAN you not chuck something away, can you eat it all and feel okay about that, not guilty, like you have broken a rule etc?

Mummyof02 Mon 04-Apr-16 14:56:05

From reading your comments I don't think I have an ed of any shape or form like I don't feel bad when I do eat or anything and I proberly could not chuck as much food away as I do I just need to be more resourceful I think and also make sure I make time to sit down and eat properly as I think that's why I'm chucking and not finishing most things I eat because I'm busy through out the day, thanks for helping me to see/understand this peeps it's much appreciated xx

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