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Is this BED

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TheGrallon Thu 25-Feb-16 22:44:15

I've always been overweight and food fills my head everyday.

I can't work out if I have a problem with bingeing or whether I'm out of control in a different way.

Today I have eaten a bacon sandwich, two chocolate parties and a large coffee. I then are an egg sandwich as soon as I got to work. I then had a macdonalds and two small Easter eggs in the car. I've missed my evening meal and then eaten a huge bowl of cereal and five biscuits.

I've been in this sort of pattern for ages now, to a greater or lesser extent almost constantly since I had my children 2.5 years ago.

I used to binge in the evenings years ago but that pretty much stopped when I met my second husband and my weight stabilised.

My 'old' binges were working through huge quantities of food (pasta, bread, chips, ice cream..... Alternating sweet and salt) in one go in a comforting trance.

Now I seem to eat all day when I'm at work, the nature of my day allows me to, I only ever eat 'normally' in front of people at weekends/evenings when I'm not alone.

Is this a binge?

I look back at when I had my children and wonder if I did have some element of post natal depression. I can't seem to stop this eating cycle of grotesque amounts of food each day even though I've put on nearly three stones and feel ill all the time. When I eat I don't have to think about work, money, kids, house, cleaning etc etc, I switch off.

However I can't afford to continue like this for my health, my relationships and my pocket.

I know I'm disordered in my eating but is this plain and simple greed or something else I need to address in a different way?

MrsCK Sun 03-Apr-16 20:22:15

I'm basing this info on advice I've been given in my current BED psychotherapy treatment.
Binging is a large quantity of food eaten in a short period of time where there is a feeling of lack of control of stopping. You're trance like state in eating would be indicative of this.
Then there is over eating where an onlooker might think it's a large amount of food but there's no real loss of control and it's not consumed in a short amount of time.

I'm going through treatment at the moment and haven't had a binge in a couple of months but...my problem is now over eating which is my next thing to tackle!!

stumblymonkey Sun 03-Apr-16 20:27:34

MrsCK....where have you been having your psychotherapy and/or how did you find a psychotherapist that specialised in this?

MrsCK Sat 09-Apr-16 23:34:08

It's on the NHS. I was referred from a counselling service to an eating disorder clinic. They run group psychotherapy sessions which I was eligible for.

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