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kate60 Wed 17-Feb-16 17:02:03

Does anyone by any chance know of a good and kind dietician in Edinburgh? My daughter was very poorly with anorexia and she is now mentally much better but needs help and support with getting her weight up. She is up at Edinburgh university and a long way from home but determined to manage. The university has been hopeless with no support at all.
Lots of thanks

t875 Tue 28-Jun-16 23:45:55

I can't give too much advise.

But didn't want to leave your post.
Maybe you look at high calorie foods also get in touch with ED groups. BEAT might be able to help?
Young minds might be also be able to put you in touch with groups that can help.
If you have a local authority / hospital there you might be able ask them about their dietician dept.

Glad to hear your dd is doing a little better. All the best for her moving forward xx

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