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How do/did you manage to hide the fact you were bulimic?

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answerthisway Wed 05-Aug-15 22:59:24

I suspect a member of my family is bulimic.
Constant binging, then dieting.
Never puts on weight.
At the gym twice a day, including Saturdays and Sundays.

Lately I have also found things hidden in the bathroom as well, that is making me a bit hmm
It's all ringing alarm bells.

I don't want to say what those things are yet, as I don't want to pre-empt answers. If I say straight away what it is, I'm sure it would end up 50/50 - some saying Yes, that means she is bulimic and some will say No.

This is why I'm asking it in such a way (hope I don't offend) and I will say what I found - eventually.

I just want some answers.

So, What paraphernalia do you use to help avoid detection?

Branleuse Wed 05-Aug-15 23:05:05

i didnt use any paraphernalia.

How do you feel you could or would like to support her? Could you let her know that you know, and that if she needs your support or wants to talk about it that you are there and wont freak out

TelephoneIgnoringMachine Wed 05-Aug-15 23:09:49

Mints. Lots of sugar free mints. Some sweeteners commonly used in these, act as a laxative. Not nice, but effective, also freshens the breath, and distracts from the fact you're not eating.

I didn't use any other "things".

I assume you mean laxatives?

answerthisway Wed 05-Aug-15 23:10:42

I tentatively broached the subject of eating disorders when I first started noticing she was getting a bit obsessive about things and she never spoke to be for a month afterwards!
This time, I want to be absolutely sure of facts before I say anything again, otherwise I will be accused of all sorts again and she will get very defensive.

Branleuse, what happened if you needed to purge and the bathroom was occupied?
Could you do it in your room?

Branleuse Wed 05-Aug-15 23:13:16

i would wait for the bathroom usually.

Branleuse Wed 05-Aug-15 23:14:25

i think it sounds like she really isnt ready to discuss this with you. Who is it. Your

RaaRaaTheLion Wed 05-Aug-15 23:14:55

I think it would be best if you got Mumsnet HQ to pop that this is potentially triggering in the title as the information given could be used as 'tips'.

As a former eating disorder sufferer, i second mints and chewing gum. If bathroom was occupied, sandwich bags in my drawers in my bedroom/cups would be used. I'd occasionally use a toothbrush instead of my fingers to purge to avoid cuts on my knuckles.

answerthisway Wed 05-Aug-15 23:15:52

What I found was a stack of empty ice cream containers, shoved right at the back of one of the bathroom cabinets.
I didn't put them there and nobody else in the house did (I asked).

I'm either thinking - she is eating a ton of ice cream in secret
The icecream containers are handy vessels for purging in her room, then emptying them down the toilet when the bathroom is free. Or is that stupid?

My mind is working overtime and I don't like being this sneaky. But I can't ignore it.

Dancingqueen17 Wed 05-Aug-15 23:16:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

answerthisway Wed 05-Aug-15 23:17:42

Sorry, RaaRaa. I hadn't thought of the triggering aspect.
I will do what you suggest.

Dancingqueen17 Wed 05-Aug-15 23:20:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

answerthisway Wed 05-Aug-15 23:25:13

Shit. sad

There was a blocked sink two nights ago. When my husband unblocked it he found bits of what looked like foodjust under and around the plughole.
At the time I thought - surely someone would vomit in the toilet and not the sink? So I wasn't too worried.
But everything added up together doesn't look so good.

Now, how to approach it?

Dancingqueen17 Wed 05-Aug-15 23:49:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

answerthisway Thu 06-Aug-15 00:05:18

It worries me the amount of exercise she is doing, combined with the strange eating ways and the potential bulimia.

She is going through a lot of stress at the moment which isn't due to ease until at least two months time.
I think talking to her at the moment would add to that stress. But, as soon as this stressful event is over, I will definitely be having a chat.
Thank you all for helping and for the advice.

Dancingqueen17 Thu 06-Aug-15 08:52:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

OneTiredMama Mon 25-Jan-16 18:02:38

Completely agree with Dancingqueen. I too got to the point where I could just purge by bending over and I really hate to say but ice cream was a regular purge for obvious reasons.
Not sure about anyone else but I found it got worse with stress and is still a reflex now when I'm stressed. Help her through this stressful time as best you can then have a calm and frank discussion but do try to go to GP. I really hope things pick up as an ED can hurt and cause stress to family and friends too so look after yourself as well answerthisway.

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