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Getting help for anorexia

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OddSocksHighHeels Sun 26-Jul-15 14:21:49

I've been struggling with anorexia for about 8 years now. I've tried a few half-hearted attempts at recovering by myself but it's never worked.

I want to go to see my GP and get some professional help with it but I'm terrified. I've never admitted to an eating disorder out loud before and this is the first time I've been able to even type it. When I go to the doctor what exactly should I be saying to start the conversation off? What should I expect from the appointment?

I have a BMI of around 15.5 if that's relevant at all.


beachyhead Sun 26-Jul-15 14:44:11

Well done for trying to tackle this. You could just print off your post and hand it to the doctor?

Good luck....

OddSocksHighHeels Sun 26-Jul-15 22:26:41

Thanks for replying. I don't have a printer but I've written down the gist of it and hopefully that can start me off.

Is anybody able to tell me what sort of thing to expect from the appointment? What they'll ask? What the next steps will be?

I'm pretty scared of having to be hospitalised for it but I think a BMI of 15.5 isn't bad enough for that? I'ts one thing I really, really don't want.

Also, I work in a fairly physical full time job which has started to get much more difficult the further I've gone on with not eating properly, do you think a doctor will sign me off work? Ask for me to move into a less physical role? Or is it best to leave the job? I'm really hoping not to have to leave it as this means losing my income but I know I need to look at what's best for my recovery if I want to do this properly and actually sort this out for good.

Sorry for the questions and rambling! I'm a nervous wreck at the thought of calling the doctor and having this all out in the open.

beachyhead Mon 27-Jul-15 06:58:02

I'm sorry I'm not very knowledgeable on this but will bump and hope someone with relevant experience comes along.

Do you have a doctor that you get along with? Can you phone today and make the appointment?

beachyhead Mon 27-Jul-15 10:57:22

Do you think it would be easier to see the practice nurse? She may be able to refer you as well.

Dancingqueen17 Tue 28-Jul-15 00:52:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

OddSocksHighHeels Tue 28-Jul-15 05:30:54

I'm ashamed to say I chickened out of calling my doctor today BUT I took a huge step today and confided in a friend who will make the call with me to make sure it gets done.

beachy no worries about not being knowledgeable! I appreciate you taking the time out to post and support me. I've always had a fear of being judged for admitting it out loud so your kind words really put me at ease and are probably what helped give me the courage to tell a real life friend thanks I don't tend to visit the doctor very often at all unless it's absolutely necessary so I don't really have any particular doctor I would feel more comfortable with.

dancingqueen wow so helpful! I'm going to re-read your post a good couple of times to try to take it all in. I really would rather not go to inpatient treatment and the thought of that really was putting me off getting help as well so glad to know it's not actually likely to happen! I live in London so I'm hoping even if my borough hasn't got the best services they can refer me to a neighbouring borough, don't know if that's likely or not. I haven't got any more questions at the minute but will post again if I think of any! I hope your recovery is going well now. Well done for getting the help you needed, I know that isn't easy thanks

OddSocksHighHeels Tue 28-Jul-15 05:33:12

Ah yes I did have a question actually! When you say they do your bloods what are they checking for? Is it things like anaemia? I wouldn't be surprised if I do have problems tbh with everything I've put my body through.

beachyhead Tue 28-Jul-15 10:02:49

Well done for telling your rl friend and taking the first steps.... Good luck.

OddSocksHighHeels Tue 28-Jul-15 11:43:05

I made the phone call to the doctor. I have an appointment for tomorrow. I'm feeling really positive right now, I'm finally making the right steps towards getting better. smile

Dancingqueen17 Tue 28-Jul-15 18:05:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

beachyhead Tue 28-Jul-15 20:50:00

Good luck tomorrow, Oddsocks smile

milkandmarmite Tue 28-Jul-15 20:56:09

Good luck - I'm
Sure it'll go okay. Depending on your GP they may not actually 'do' anything major, rather get some basics from you e.g weight, height, blood pressure, ask how long things have been like this etc. And then send a referral letter to a local ED service. They will most likely give you a blood form (you've had good advice up thread about this) and also an ECG. Don't be worried, they will be used to seeing patients with EDs. It's great you are asking for help - it's the first step for change! Good luck smile

milkandmarmite Tue 28-Jul-15 20:57:49

Ps, re work if you coping at the moment and aren't physically compromised, they shouldn't sign you off. Only really if you want to be! Talk it through with them.

OddSocksHighHeels Wed 29-Jul-15 15:18:30

The GP was really good, really sympathetic and has referred me. She also diagnosed depression and anxiety after I told her about a suicide attempt and I'm now waiting to be seen by a hospital for liver tests. After that I'll see her again on Monday when she wants to prescribe antidepressants and then it's just waiting for the first appointment with the eating disorder specialists.

Dancingqueen17 Wed 29-Jul-15 20:30:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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