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DD 11, refusing to eat, how do I react!

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yummumto3girls Wed 17-Jun-15 13:24:40

Hi, I'm sorry if this seems minor to post, considering the hell that some of you have gone through with your DC's I was hoping that some of you can give me some early strategies to prevent my DD developing an eating disorder. DD is not overweight or particularly underweight but is very strong willed and if she decides to do something she will.

I have had a second phone call from school in two days to say that she has refused to eat her lunch, yesterday her friends told the teacher as she did not even go in to lunch, felt ill in afternoon during PE and teacher made her eat something out of her lunch box with another teacher sat with her. She said she really struggled and felt sick. I am worried that the school overreacted and have now made this an issue as today they have rang to say she's refusing to eat and is in the dining hall crying! I've told them to back off and let it go as it sounds like all everyone is doing is making a big deal of it which is going to make matters worse. I just want to play it down and hope the lack of attention will help calm things down. Those of you who have experience of this, does this sound like the right approach, I am conscious that this could escalate really easily so I need the benefit of MN to help me tackle this.

boomoohoo Fri 03-Jul-15 20:22:12

Hi yummum, why don't you have an honest talk with her? Fork out some time where you can spend some quality time just with her and find out what it is she's distressed about (if at all, she may have genuinely felt sick that day) talk about it in terms of how she is feeling rather than her behaviour, and show her you are not panicking but you care if she's not feeling ok at the moment.

I appreciate this must be worrying you.

goodasitgets Fri 03-Jul-15 20:34:09

Talk to her. I went through a phase of genuinely not being hungry around that age and my parents pushed me to eat. Ended up saying I will eat when I'm hungry, and I did. But I still go off my food easily especially when upset

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