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participants needed for research

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lljkk Tue 16-Jun-15 14:15:10

This is about a genuine research study, hopefully ok to let MNers know (no, I am not involved). Need to be 18yo+, have own history of ED(s), and able to talk about these issues without much distress.

Interview by Skype possible.

lljkk Sun 21-Jun-15 20:39:48

Oops, just realised that link may not work. Full ad as follows:

AMA researchers are looking for people who have experience of an eating disorder to participate in two studies.

The first study is called ‘Responding to Media Representations of Eating Disorders’ and is being run by Su Holmes and Sarah Godfrey in AMA.

This research is interested in exploring how people with an experience of an eating disorder respond to media representations of ‘disordered’ eating. The study aims to produce new knowledge about how such media representations are evaluated, understood and used by eating disorder sufferers (whether factual programming/ news coverage, film and TV fiction, books, magazines and press, YouTube videos, blogs, social media etc).

Participants need to be aged 18 or over who consider themselves to have, or have had, an eating disorder (whether anorexia, bulimia, compulsive eating, EDNOS, etc), and who perceives that exploring their thoughts on media representations of eating disorders is unlikely to cause significant distress.

The second study is called ‘The Role of Gender in the Treatment of Eating Disorders’, and is being run by the same researchers.

Eating disorders (EDs) have often been popularly understood as primarily a female problem. Yet the significance of gender is in fact reflected very little in mainstream approaches to the treatment of EDs, which often marginalise questions of culture. This study seeks to explore one aspect of this culture, gender, and the ways in which it relates (or doesn’t relate) to how participants perceive/ are encouraged to perceive the origin of their own eating problems. Our wider aim here is to begin to explore how such approaches might better inform the treatment for eating disorders.

Participants will be aged 18 or over and identify as female, and consider themselves to be recovered from anorexia bulimia, and perceive that exploring their ideas about treatment is unlikely to cause significant distress

Both studies will involve individual interviews (to be audio recorded), undertaken by one or both of the project researchers. There is no set time for interview length, but they are anticipated to last 45 minutes to one hour. Interviews can either be conducted in person (at UEA or within a 20 mile radius of that location) or via telephone or Skype, at a time that is suitable for the participant.

Those interested in taking part in either study should email Su Holmes at

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