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Ending a binge cycle?

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Solarpowered2 Mon 15-Jun-15 15:52:39

I've got a history of bulimia as a teen - mid 30s now and i have a residual & worsening problem of bad binges interspersed with overall over-eating for stretches. Little children, not enough sleep, generally a bit sad and around the house a lot (working from home). Of late my binges can go on for days Does anybody have advice on trying to break the cycle?

jassS Wed 01-Jul-15 07:27:41

You notice the binge eating disorder thread on this page. We all share the same problems there. It is sometimes terapic to read this thread and the old ones of the same name, it can give you a lot of insights into binge eating disorder. if you feel ready, join us!

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