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I can feel it starting again

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AMcoffeeLover Sat 30-May-15 00:20:30

Lots of things changing/going wrong in my life at the moment and I can feel the thoughts and urges to not eat and exercise coming back after years of being "free"
Help me please sad
Was diagnosed with an eating disorder and cyclothymia while in another country and haven't told UK gp//anyone medical here. Haven't been honest and told DP and as he's medical I worry (unreasonable I know) about him or one of his friends accessing my med records and finding out.
Help I can't slip into it again sad

PeaceOfWildThings Mon 01-Jun-15 08:31:36

I've posted on your other thread, but wanted to add to your thread here. Well done for reaching out, it takes a lot of courage and you've done the right thing.

Do go to see your GP asap. Make a double appointment today. Your anxiety has you castrophising with the thoughts of what might happen if people find out. MH problems are nothing to be ashamed of. If your DP's colleagues would judge you or tour DP then they they are very poor practitioners and it is they who should be warned for their poor professional conduct. You know this. Computer records are not accessible between different levels of staff security and different practices. Having said that, I know anxiety cannot always be reasoned with and you have to do the right thing and get professional help soonest, whether you can deal with your anxiety or not. (Avoidance makes anxiety worse, too.)

In case you want those lnks to refer to again, here they are:
7 Cups of tea listeners to chat with.

eating disorder hope.

recovery record
recovery warriors

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