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ANewMe2015 - This is the year I'm cracking it.

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ANewMe2015 Thu 01-Jan-15 11:05:48

I've struggled with overeating/bingeating/comfort eating for a long time. I've read some of the books but I've not really ever managed to "sort it".

I'm scared silly of rushing into anything and hurting myself but I want to really crack it this year - maybe attack the exercise/eating and not beat my self up if I don't manage it and then give up - but pick self up and carry on.

I know losing weight in my case is a lot more than trying to follow a diet - I struggle with sticking to a plan/overeating/binge eating. Any advice to get on track with this would be helpful. I also have lost sight of healthy eating. I struggle with energy in the afternoon so also need not to be doing anythign too complicated later in the day food wise.

I'm going to be seeing a counsellor (trainee but seems nice) weekly and hopefully that will help alongside the practical attempts.

* I was thinking about starting to food plan and including interesting and exciting things rather than seeing it as a diet.

* i was thinking maybe being strict about 3 meals and possibly 2 snacks was the way to start? MAybe a food/mood diary.

* I was thinking about our local council gym. Maybe swimming/pilates and some gentle gym exercise?

Anyone wanting to join me or accompany me on this journey would be very welcome! I have at least 6 stone to lose which I know I shouldn't focus on but is a huge part of it.

FightingBed2014 Tue 06-Jan-15 10:15:47

Hi ANewMe how are feeling? Your plan sounds like a good one. I started my journey last year and am still going. I think you are wise to allow yourself some slack and not go for punishment if things aren't 'perfect' for you. There are a group of us who support each other through this same process (Although our goal isn't weight loss, more recovery from disordered eating) feel free to join us. Reading our two threads may give you an idea of how we have changed our approach and made progress. We're the binge eating disorder support thread in Eating Disorders topic.x

ANewMe2015 Tue 06-Jan-15 10:42:24

Hi Fighting - thanks for the message. I think I'll pop across. I've binged twice this year already so I've lost a bit of the "new year" excitement. I'm determined I need to get sorted somehow though and now the kids are back can have a go at the gym/swimming thu and friday and see how that goes.

It does appear the disordered eating cant be just magicked away through will power.....

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