Looking for surrogate or sperm donation

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Lilyukmum Mon 08-Mar-21 02:36:37

Hi everyone,

I appreciate there are many posts on this already but some are a bit outdated and laws have recently changed etc. I’m 32 and a single female in the UK. I am wanting to have a baby and start a family.
Im looking for either a surrogate into having IUI using a sperm donor. At the moment I feel very overwhelmed with it all. For the starters the UK costs are extraordinary... specially at the thought of requiring multiple attempts to be successful. I have done some research into IUi abroad as the cost is significantly cheaper.
What do people recommend? Thanks so much L x

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Marty13 Mon 08-Mar-21 02:41:55

Your post isn't quite clear - are you looking for a surrogate ? A donor ? Both ?

Is there a reason you're looking for a surrogate rather than carry the baby yourself ? I'm asking because surrogacy is extremely expensive and also not legal everywhere. It'd be vastly easier to do an IUI with donor sperm (and cheaper) than to look for a surrogate.

Marty13 Mon 08-Mar-21 02:42:57

Not to mention surrogacy means IVF and egg collection (if you want the baby to have your genes). So even more expensive and invasive.

Persipan Wed 10-Mar-21 10:47:27

Those are hugely different things, at opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of cost and complexity of treatment, so I'm not sure I understand enough about your situation to be able to give any useful input. Are you able to tell us more about your thinking here?

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