Preparing for FET Advice needed

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Parisinthesummer Tue 02-Jun-20 10:58:35

Hello, I am hoping to travel to my clinic at the end of July for FET. It is my first time and I feel confused about how to prepare and the timeline v lostsad I would love to get advice re how to prepare and how long it takes once you start medication to transfer? Also how long to prepare body re diet etc? I read on another post that the 3 month prep is not so important here as the lining is shed each month and the eggs are already frozen. I will be eating healthy etc for the next two months.

Any advice is GREATLY appreciated smile

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Eggcellent29 Tue 02-Jun-20 18:40:18


I’m not sure if the timeline is the same for everyone, but I’m happy to share mine!

From start to transfer was about 5 weeks - I had to have a period induced so not sure if that made it longer.

Pipelle and prostap to start, then a out a week and a half later I started progynova. About a week and a half after that I started the cyclogest, then transfer a few days later!

I didn’t really prepare my body. Tbh I hadn’t dealt with the loss of my first baby and was in a bit of a daze. Anyway, I drank, ate crap (and socially smoked, not recommending this!) etc up until I started the meds.

I think the prep thing is very personal. I spent months preparing for my fresh, didn’t touch coffee or anything even remotely delicious etc and I lost the baby, so my attitude was very coloured.

My FET worked and my son is asleep on me now. Was this pure luck, was I more relaxed becuase I wasn’t preparing like mad, was my body able to cope with a couple of months of crap because I’d been so good for months beforehand, who knows? I may feel differently if it hadn’t been successful.

Wishing you the best of luck!!!

Eggcellent29 Tue 02-Jun-20 18:41:15

Oooo and acupuncture once a week smile

Cutesbabasmummy Tue 02-Jun-20 20:40:49

I had a triple gin and a huge sangria the night before my FET. The result is 5 and also upstairs waiting to go back to school tomorrow. The previous FET I was as pious as a nun but it didnt work.

Leala20 Tue 02-Jun-20 22:42:00

Very interesting. I am booked in provisionally in July as well so this is good to know. I was told I only need to call them
when I have my July period. Are you with LWC?

Parisinthesummer Wed 03-Jun-20 08:43:55

Hi everyone, thanks so much for your replies! It’s hard to know isn’t it? Lot’s of conflicting information on the internet. I am typically quite healthy, don’t smoke and drink at the weekend. But with the lockdown and the stress of Covid I have been ‘indulging’ quite abit since March. I am going to be good for the next two months and aim for the end of August. X

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Parisinthesummer Wed 03-Jun-20 08:47:51

@Leala20 no I am with Clinica Tambre in Madrid. I have to do bloods this month and if all goes well I can start my meds. Hope it goes well for you, nice to hear someone else is preparing for July also! Were you given any tips from your clinic? Did they give you a timeframe of how long you should prepare beforehand? X

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Leala20 Wed 03-Jun-20 09:20:17

Thank you. Sounds so close and exciting. I was told to only let them know when I get my July period and then they will do the tests and start medication but this is a month to do all that I am a bit concerned. . They said the transfer will be end of July or early August.

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