2WW - Let the crazy begin!

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VNAWENN Fri 20-Mar-20 01:14:23

Hi everyone.

So I'm 2 DP IUI. Work in a hospital. On the front line. 2nd cycle of IUI with DI. Wife works for the Police so this is going to be one crazy 2WW 🤣

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VNAWENN Fri 20-Mar-20 01:15:29

As if it weren't crazy enough already 😂

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CoronaVera Sat 21-Mar-20 23:56:16

Hey. Hello.

I work in the NHS too. Management so not frontline but heavily involved in planning to deliver our usual services remotely and how we might redeploy resources etc.

Anyway, with respect to TTC/ TWW, I am 1 day post artificial insemination and according to apps, today is ovulation day. As I've been so busy I haven't really managed to track this cycle.

Am concerned that either stress or contacting Covid-19 will scupper this attempt but had to go for it because when will I get another chance? It's so unknown.

I did some dip tests but

CoronaVera Sat 21-Mar-20 23:57:45

That's a typical post of mine lately. A bit wonky.

Anyway, good to have someone else to go through this period with although I expect we'll all have other things on our minds to distract us.

VNAWENN Sun 22-Mar-20 07:46:54

Hi CoronaVera,

I'm glad to have another person going through the same thing. We went ahead this month as I had a great follicle and we too didn't know when the chance to try again would happen.

It doesn't matter what role we all have in the NHS, frontline, planning, research or porters. It's going to be very hard for everyone. The likelihood of catching it in the hospital is probably much higher for us all 😢

That's the thing that scares me, but I'm hoping I can keep myself healthy and away from it during these next weeks. I'm currently 4 DPO/IUI.

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CoronaVera Sun 22-Mar-20 08:45:31

While we were still community testing, we had a drive through testing station at work that I had to walk past every day to get to the office.

They've dismantled it now.

It's going to be the stress that could affect me. It's not long after I wake up that I feel the adrenaline running.

I'm trying to meditate as much as poss. Focus on the breath. Try to switch into my parasympathetic nervous system.

Not sure whether conception will happen if the rest of my body is acting like there's an imminent threat to it!

CoronaVera Sun 22-Mar-20 22:07:59

Beginning to feel like I have symptoms. Well I'm pretty sure I have to be honest. Dammit.

VNAWENN Mon 23-Mar-20 10:07:22

@CoronaVera oh no! Try and keep safe.

It's very hard not to let the adrenaline take over when it's such a scary and unknown time. I'm just trying to keep calm by crafting (possible my favourite thing to do) hopefully that will keep me sane 🤣

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CoronaVera Mon 23-Mar-20 12:48:58

It’s weird. Last night I had a new cough and a tight chest. But it feels a lot better today. So probably it isn’t. Or is it?

I’m on leave today. Lying in my garden (no neighbours) surrounded by wildlife. Very relaxing.

VNAWENN Mon 23-Mar-20 13:07:48

That's sounds like a great way to relax.

Mmm maybe not then???

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CoronaVera Mon 23-Mar-20 14:40:16

The advice is to isolate even if the symptoms are mild and I do have a cough and a headache, an unusual feeling in my chest and have had an upset stomach.

No high temperature. If anything it's coming up low. It's a good thermometer that's usually accurate.

Anyway, that's enough about m'ailments. I'll see how things progress and speak to my manager about it. I would prefer to be over-cautious so as to not risk spreading it to anyone who is in contact with patients.

At least it gives a distraction from symptom spotting. My last TWW I was really good until about 8DPO when I just wanted to know.

I never had a BFP but had a weird short bit intense period afterwards so not sure if that was a chemical or just random.

VNAWENN Tue 24-Mar-20 02:31:37

Bless! 🤞🏼 you start to feel better.

I'm the same. I never had a BFP but I had very unusual spotting for two days (which I never get) at 8DPO & a very strange sensation which I believe was implantation then at on the night of 10 DPO I woke up in the middle of the night with horrendous bleeding.

Although I never had a positive test I think I was definitely preggo for a few days.

That was November. I'm 6 DPO today and keeping my 🤞🏼this little bean sticks x

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CoronaVera Wed 25-Mar-20 07:36:29

Fingers crossed for you too.

Whatever I had never progressed and I've stopped coughing. I called occupational health at work and they said I should come in unless it's a continuous cough. I think if I was patient facing I might've made more of a stand about being cautious but I'm not and I can distance myself from most people. Planning to work from home this morning anyway then see if it's necessary to actually go to the office or not.

Felt a cramping pain last night but I'm only 3DPO so probably nothing as it's too early.

VNAWENN Fri 27-Mar-20 19:44:51

@CoronaVera how are you feeling now? X

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CoronaVera Sat 28-Mar-20 10:07:14

I am tired. Very tired!!

Went in to work yesterday. Was very strange. Very few people still going in and loads of changes to accommodate social distancing.

Whatever I had never developed so assume it was just a normal virus-y thing.

I'm symptom spotting like a loon and then telling myself not to as it's still too early.

How about you?

VNAWENN Sat 28-Mar-20 10:44:57

I'm exactly the same! Keep symptom spotting then saying, no don't do that!

Waiting to test til later on 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

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CoronaVera Tue 31-Mar-20 22:48:26

How are you doing now?

I don't want to test because I don't want to now that I'm not pregnant. I think it will be really hard to deal with because I don't know when I'll be able to try again.

I think I'm 10dpo today and experiencing the usual pre-menstrual cramps.

VNAWENN Wed 01-Apr-20 05:45:55

Morning @CoronaVera I'm doing ok. AF due today. I tested this morning and could swear I saw a very faint line but the wife says not.

Just a waiting game now.

How are you doing?

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CoronaVera Wed 01-Apr-20 13:33:31

Fingers crossed.

I think I’m 11dpo and I am literally just thinking as I saw your reply, that I’m having all my usual pre-AF feelings and so I’m convinced I’ll have a BFN.

I have 4 FRERs but I don’t think I could bear to know that this dream is over (until when, no-one knows, or maybe forever) so I didn’t use one this morning. I opened the box but then put the stick back unopened.

CoronaVera Thu 02-Apr-20 08:01:17

BFN on a FRER this morning. Not surprised. I don't know exactly what DPO I am. Maybe 12. But feels like AF on way.

Have you got a plan for what you do next?

It's a shame we can't get home delivery of frozen sperm without a clinic sign off. I might investigate that though if this lockdown looks set to go on a long time.

My donor is a scientist and lives with another scientist. So if anyone can work out how to do it, they could. Not sure getting hold of liquid nitrogen is so easy in a lockdown.

VNAWENN Thu 02-Apr-20 18:05:36

I bet they can work out the logistics of it 🤣

We don't know what the plan is at the moment as our clinic are closed during the lockdown except to IVF treatment that has already been commenced.

Think we'll just have to wait it out for now 😷

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you x

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CoronaVera Fri 03-Apr-20 08:43:29


Can these give false positives?

Not counting any chickens yet. This could be false. It could be chemical. It could be anything.

VNAWENN Mon 04-May-20 05:36:48

So sorry to hear about your early miscarriage. Hopefully when all this is over we can all try again 🤞🏼 xx

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ChatWithMe Fri 08-May-20 14:44:28

Came across this thread. Curious of the outcome CoronaVera. You did get a positive on the last test so hopefully you're successful! Hope you're keeping safe and well either way x

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