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GreyGoose1980 Tue 28-Jan-20 13:05:48

Hi all
We are in the process of seeking a clinic for donor eggs. We have decided to move clinic and are leaning towards staying in the UK. Travelling to London or within the South East would be easiest but all UK recommendations would be very helpful. Thanks in advance for any recommendations. X

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Tipsylizard Sat 29-Feb-20 18:21:43

We used Care in Northampton. Altruistic donor. One fresh cycle - our son. One frozen cycle - our daughter. smileOur whole experience was really good - stressful but then it was always going to be given the process! They have a lot of experience. Good luck flowers

Midlifebaby Sun 01-Mar-20 00:04:34

We went with LWC and I’m almost 30 weeks! It was our 3rd try (we bought the package and I’m glad we did or I might have quit after 2nd go (MMC) as was so sad!)

GreyGoose1980 Tue 03-Mar-20 10:10:36

Thanks for the replies and congrats both. @Tipsylizard - did you have to wait long to be matched with an egg donor?
@Midlifebaby - please could you advise on the multi cycle package - I can’t see details on the LWC website. We’re thinking of using them but there’s been a bit of feedback on MN about hidden costs. Thanks

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Tipsylizard Tue 03-Mar-20 17:51:11

Actually we were matched straight away as our donor was initally matched with someone else and they pulled out at the last minute- serendipity! smile

GreyGoose1980 Wed 04-Mar-20 19:57:58

Yes serendipity @ Tipsylizard 😀 Hopefully that will happen to us too - I’m dreading the wait for DE.

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Leala20 Thu 05-Mar-20 00:15:03

Has anyone gone through NHS funded and has any feedback?

Midlifebaby Sat 07-Mar-20 23:42:05

@GreyGoose1980 it’s called access fertility, and they work with loads of clinics, each having slightly different packages. if you search that keyword and your clinic name you’ll get the PDF with pricing. Due to my age, we were eligible for only one Package and I think it was about £20k for 3 rounds, with a 50% refund if not successful. If you are younger it is a lot less expensive.
We spoke to one of the medical team who was involved in starting the company (totally by chance!) and he explained that there is an upside for the clinic in knowing the woman will go through 3 rounds and statistically they’ll have success more times than not, so it is a win win, even taking into account those that don’t end up with a baby. And that’s the end goal, an alive baby not just a pregnancy x good luck

Midlifebaby Sat 07-Mar-20 23:45:52

By the way, we used the London Egg bank and they were absolutely fantastic. You can search donor characteristics online and they offer more info over the phone. No hard sell or scare tactics, and for us we loved the personal statement and that in the U.K., it’s not anonymous once the child turns 18 (which has to be good for both the child and the woman who was so generous to donate eggs for very little in exchange)

GreyGoose1980 Mon 09-Mar-20 11:12:29

Thanks so much for all the advice. We’ve actually used Access Fertility multi cycle for our OE treatment. We’ve decided to change clinic for DE so will review Access Fertility options with LWC. Thanks

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PrayingandHoping Mon 09-Mar-20 11:13:33

Highly recommend Herts and Essex Fertility.

Leala20 Mon 09-Mar-20 12:27:00

In my case NHS only allows fresh eggs - would you Have recommendations for how to find a fresh egg donor?

GreyGoose1980 Mon 09-Mar-20 12:59:08

I didn’t qualify for nhs funding but as I understand it you get a list of clinics you can use within your area. Has your GP / consultant issued you with this?

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GreyGoose1980 Mon 09-Mar-20 13:00:24

Thanks for the recommendation. Did you use fresh eggs at Herts and Essex?

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PrayingandHoping Mon 09-Mar-20 13:38:52

Yes they do fresh or frozen egg transfers at Herts and Essex. Whichever you want or is most suitable

Leala20 Sat 02-May-20 22:13:07

@GreyGoose1980 I qualified for funding but with fresh eggs and 3 free cycle ( we need to pay for donor eggs). However due to covid19 and delays we decided to go with LWC but still not sure if the standard 6 egg 1 cycle 10.5K package is not a big risk. Any advice would be appreciated.

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