Fertility clinics that take overweight patients

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JustOneMoreStep Sat 18-Jan-20 23:08:12

Just wondering if anyone knows of any clinics that offer treatment to patients who are significantly overweight. Many have an arbitrary BMI cut off of 30. I know there are increased risks of pregnancy with higher BMI and conception rates are lower etc.....

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Persipan Sun 19-Jan-20 06:34:43

I'm assuming you mean for private treatment - I think the NHS are pretty much a blanket 'no'.

I remember that at LWC they had a cutoff of 35, although they'd probably recommend it to be lower.

HitthefloorforTaintedLove Mon 20-Jan-20 09:48:35

It depends where you live, in NI the cut off for NHS treatment is a BMI of 35.

Private clinics will vary and I'd expect would look at other criteria including reasons for the higher BMI.

Isn't there someone on here asking about a donor with a BMI of 33 or 34 so there must be some, best to contact the clinics you're interested in as policies vary so much.

dreamingdream Wed 25-Mar-20 23:45:18

Hi I'm new on mumsnet. I'm TTC, I'm at the pre-injections stage. Due to the current crisis, appointment is postponed. I am currently overweight but I have been on a diet since February and it's so tough. My weight goes up and down or just stays the same for many weeks. This current crisis is messing up my dieting, I've been eating a lot of snacks. I will be back exercising when the crisis is over. I think private clinics allow BMI 35 or above, but I'm not sure. Don't worry x

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