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ipshi Wed 27-Nov-19 18:43:39

I am South Asian and my partner is Caucasian (dark hair, and eyes). We were looking for South Asian egg donors but think its hard to find in the UK. Also the cost are very high if you want to go through London egg bank or Altrui. The alternative would be to go to Spain and look for egg donation from ladies with darker skin tones. Ultimately, I don't mind what the genetics are of the egg donor but thinking any potential donor child might feel more comfortable if they look like a mixture of us, crudely speaking. I am put off by the anonymity of Spain but it has advantage such as a guarantee versus much higher costs in UK with no guarantee. I am not considering India as not comfortable with the commercial aspect of it, and other exploitative aspects. Happy to be proven wrong. Any suggestions about egg donation in UK versus abroad? We still have a long way to go but just looking at possibilities

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