Starting my Donor conception Journey... (PrideAngel)

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Littlesunshine259 Fri 01-Nov-19 12:28:15

My Donor conception journey has begun and I signed up to PrideAngel to help connect me to donors in my area.
My emotions are all over the place. I have decided that AI by home insemination is going to be the best option for conception chances for me.
Ive been searching and contacting on PrideAngel but response has been very slow, so far, not much progress and Im finding it very daunting and not trusting it too much at the moment.

I currently have one guy responded who is in my county who Im trying to email and get to know/trust that this will work out and make arrangements with, but have found its not been the easiest to arrange things and he isnt seeming to really understand that getting the commitment to getting the dates right for the AI is important. I know my fertility window obviously and taking my conception tablets to help my body be as healthy as possible etc so Im really in preparation.

He also offered the ‘natural insemination’ option and when I said I didnt want that, he asked why, I explained my reasons, and since then havent heard anything back from him. He seems to be a nice guy genuine wanting to help though as he’s asked lots of questions that seemed on the responsible lines and we’ve started to build a bit of a communication flow between us but Im not finding it very easy to trust him 100%. Very nervous about it all in case he doesnt respond at all or if I doesnt work out then I’ll have to be on the search again and start all over again with contacting someone else and hoping and praying they will be right instead. Its making me feel so stressed.

I then had a response from a guy who also seems nice from over 2 hours drive away. Messaged a few times and a hotel option would be the only way there but Im not keen on travelling all that way and the costs involved with fuel and hotel bookings for wanting to get 2-3 inseminations over a few days for the best chance.

I really hoped this would be a lot easier and less stressful than it is! I dont feel able to talk about it to many people either. Has anyone else had positive experiences with Home Insemination / AI and contacting/finding a suitable Donor through PrideAngel or anywhere else similar online?

Thank you so much in advance smile

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Bouncemeup Sun 03-Nov-19 07:17:07

You could try coparents. It takes a while to find the right match for you, but dont compromise on what you want. Bear in mind the reality is (unfortunately) some men see it as an opportunity to get sex from a woman. If you dont trust the dude cut him off from now, I found that it was really important that there was complete trust between me and my donor. Turned out he was a good one and didnt have any problems with him at all and he was able to inseminate when I need him too. Good luck I'm sure you'll find the right donor soon, just dont compromise

Persipan Sun 03-Nov-19 07:43:08

I have to tell you that I am giving major side-eye to any 'nice guy' who suddenly starts proposing 'natural insemination'. Trust your instincts and don't do anything you don't feel completely comfortable about. Best of luck to you in your journey!

Littlesunshine259 Sun 03-Nov-19 07:47:28

Thank you so much for this! Yes, I am finding that it seems to be a free sex with women thing more than anything .... which Im finding difficult to deal with as its not what Im on there for so having to be very clear that its AI only!!
Its emotionally exhausting trying to search and find the right person so I just hope he will come along soon.
Yesterday I signed up to Coparents and have contacted a few on there whose adverts I liked so Im crossing my fingers!! PrideAngel so far hasnt been a helpful or positive experience at all. confused

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Carajillo Wed 06-Nov-19 11:30:58

Another thing to be aware of is some sperm donors online are also donating deliberately to many, many other women so that your child could have dozens of half siblings.

The legal aspect is important as any donor outside a clinic can legally be viewed as a father and could demand more access or even give less access that your child may want?

Think about your child. They will probably want to know a lot about their donor and maybe also have this person involved in their life in some way.

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