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BethB123123 Wed 19-Jun-19 19:39:12

I am single and 40 and want to buy sperm and have IUI in a clinic. I am struggling to find a UK clinic that provides adult photos of donors - the ones I have contacted only provide baby photos of donors. Do I need to go abroad to get this much information about the donor, and go through the whole process abroad? Would love advice on this big thank you!

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Persipan Wed 19-Jun-19 20:40:25

Cryos appear to have some donors that meet the UK requirements and also have adult photos in their profiles. You do have to pay a fee to access the photos, though (but you can see the rest of the profile information for free so you could look first and see if there are donors you'd be interested in). You'd need to check that whichever UK clinic you wanted to have treatment at are happy to use Cryos sperm.

BethB123123 Wed 19-Jun-19 21:53:10

Thank you so much Persipan. I will find out which clinics in the uk use Cyros and check that these uk clinics agree with the viewing of adult photos from cyros

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Vilanelle Thu 20-Jun-19 12:06:26

Xytex use adult photo's- only available when you first sign up for about 7 days. After that you need to pay.

I ordered from there at the end of May smile

Vilanelle Thu 20-Jun-19 12:06:53

Forgot to add, they are UK compliant but not based in UK - sorry

BethB123123 Thu 20-Jun-19 12:28:51

Thanks Vilanelle. This thread is so useful and I’d love to hear from anybody else who has researched adult donor photos - esp if in relation to a UK clinic as I can’t go abroad with my job really

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hillsandvalleys Thu 20-Jun-19 21:38:07

IME- found local(ish) clinic that we liked, they accept sperm from 2 or 3 banks worldwide, we selected the bank that has adult photo (American), found the sperm we wanted, ordered it, they delivered to our clinic, went for insemination at our clinic, pregnant.

So, basically different clinics will accept sperm from different banks so you have to see which ones your clinic uses then work out which of those have adult photos. You usually have to pay a fee to see the pics.

Don't know why you'd need to go abroad for treatment, most banks ship worldwide. Clinics mostly don't have their own sperm bank and will ship in from elsewhere.

Kaznet Sat 22-Jun-19 02:30:29

I used xytec. Amazing selection! (imo) I am abroad but my friend in UK also used them and went to 2 different clinics in London who accepted them. They show which donors are UK compliant with a little flag.

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