Some stats on home insemination with frozen sperm

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Persipan Sun 24-Mar-19 06:35:01

Hello all! Back when I was doing home insemination using Cryos, I found it frustrating that it was so hard to estimate chances of success - sure, there are statistics for IUIs in clinics, but how would the different variables of doing IVI at home - like the limited options for monitoring, no meds, and the possibility of mistiming things - impact that?

I did eventually find these statistics, which I found really helpful (they're from The Sperm Bank of California, but I'm working on the principle that women in California aren't any better or worse at navigating this stuff than anyone else!). I just realised I never posted it here, so here you go, in case it's of any help to anyone:

For me, I've now stopped doing home insemination with frozen sperm - I'm at an age where the likely odds of success are very low. I did manage to conceive in that way a couple of times a few years back, but miscarried both times, and now I'm even older so am doing double donor IVF. But for people who are currently navigating their options, I thought it might be of interest. Good luck to all!

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