Another Failed Cycle - moving on to DE

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SimplyOrdinary Mon 25-Feb-19 09:46:25

hello all,

a bit of background - ttc for a number of years, had multiple ICSI cycles in the UK, mfi and some poor quality eggs too...this time we had 10 eggs, 5 mature and only one fertilied. Day 2 it had stopped doing anything.

seriously considering DE abroad, with DH sperm to begin with (feel like it is going to be another long road). specifically looking at The Cube in Prague.

a little shell-shocked. didn't expect to be in this position. no one does, right?

share your experiences? thanks x

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Grenoble124 Mon 25-Feb-19 20:46:04

I was successful on first attempt at doner egg in Zlin. I have a beautiful two year old son and today had an fet from the same cycle. Two embryos transferred each time.

missmarry Thu 28-Mar-19 17:48:51

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