Legal parent debate- still married

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Maxipads29 Mon 14-Jan-19 20:35:09

Hi All. Just after some advice, it's sort of tricky really and wondered if anyone has been in the same situation? Me and my current partner of 4 years in same sex relationship have just began the process of IUI with donor sperm. Been for investigations/scan today and all looks good although weren't aware that because I am still married to my ex wife (just waiting for my decree absolute) I would need to sign a lack of consent form and my current partner would then be legal parent as we are completing treatment in clinic and will both sign consent forms. Im just worried about the credibility or should I say the worth of the hefa lack of consent form should my ex wife suddenly decide she wants to be legal parent, which I very much doubt- she has been in LTR too since we separated. I am hoping that we won't have to think about this and the decree absolute comes before treatment- but what if it doesn't? I know the answer is to wait but my tests are only valid for a certain amount of months by which point I'd need to do them again if we delay. That's another £675 hmm thanks Sarah

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Hermones1 Wed 16-Jan-19 07:26:37

I'm not in the same situation at all but my advice would be to hold off and wait for the decree then you don't have to involve your ex at all.

Good luck on your journey x

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