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Azoospermia diagnosis, 3 days late. Feel like and idiot

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Mamfamonkey Fri 04-Jan-19 16:15:13

Hi all, my dh was diagnosed with Azoospermia over 3 years ago. I am currently 3 days late when usually I am like clock work. I have the usual aches but no bleeding. I did take norethisterone last month so am aware this could be what is delaying me now. Stupidly I told my dh about being late and he is insisting we do a test.
Is it bad that part of me doesn’t want it to be positive? We have finally found ourselves in a good place. Or is it my brain trying to save me from the heartache as I’m 98% sure it’s going to be negative?

FuzzyPixel Fri 04-Jan-19 16:20:08

I didn't want to read and run.

My DH was diagnosed with azoospermia, and if I was ever late, a teeny part of me would wonder, but I'd put it straight back to back of my mind. With that in mind, I think it probably is a self-preservation tactic to want it not to be positive - only you will truly know that though.


Sending you a very unmumsnetty hug.

Azoospermiawife Fri 04-Jan-19 20:14:49

@fuzzypixel thank you for the hug. It was of course negative. Onwards and upwards I hope.

FuzzyPixel Fri 04-Jan-19 20:22:48

I am sorry to hear that.

If you ever want to chat, I'm happy to talk on here. Our journey ended in a different way thanks to a fantastic consultant, but the feelings around azoospermia are still very much present.

Lauren83 Tue 08-Jan-19 15:05:12

Have you taken a test? I caught off the back of norethisterone a few months ago, huge shock as have been TTC for 9 years with no natural pregnancy

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