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U.K. couple using Spanish Fertility centre

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Dosmamas Mon 31-Dec-18 22:11:38

My partner and I are 6 month into our TTC to conceive journey. So far we have used a known donor four times with no success.

This last month we took a break and reevaluated how we are going to go about this. We have family in Murcia and have been looking at fertility centres there for IUI. My partner is 32 and has been pregnant twice before, twice with twins and she miscarried both times. So we know she can get preg.

We want unmedicated IUI (providing there are no fertility issues) and will need a sperm donor. We are under the impression that Spain is cheaper and more advanced in their fertility treatment, they also seem to be much more new age when it comes to same sex, offering ROPA as a standard treatment.

Anyone have any experience with using a European centre? I am so new to all this, I want people to explain it in very lay terms what we need to do to get the ball rolling on this.

Happy New Year and baby dust to all you wonderful conceivers.

MochaToGo Sat 05-Jan-19 21:29:55

No experience, however I did do quite a bit of research including making enquiries at a Spanish clinic. However they told me Spain only allows anonymous donors (ie the child can never find out their donor's identity even at 18). That that was a deal-breaker for me so I ended up staying in the UK for treatment.

Apparently Portugal now allows ID-disclosure donors though, and my friend went to Copenhagen where there is a huge sperm bank and I believe is one of the few places where you can choose anonymous or ID-disclosure donor. Most countries only allow one or the other (and for most it's anonymous).

Lmagic Tue 15-Jan-19 19:18:19

Hi we used a clinic in Alicante called Instituto Bernabau they were very good. I received egg donation there and initially conceived with twins but sadly shortly after my 7 wk scan one didn't make it but the other twin did and we have a beautiful little girl whose three and a half years old. We did have a frozen cycle a year later but it didn't work and still have 2 frozen embryos still remaining but I'm not sure if we will get over there to try again plus I'm a lot older now xx

missmarry Sun 27-Jan-19 19:00:24

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