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chloesalmon Sun 30-Dec-18 19:12:14

Me and my partner are trying for a baby with a sperm doner we are a same sex couple she is the on conceiving I just wanna know really what Iv gotta look out for and what to do while she is pregnant I have no clue helppppblushconfusedsad

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thismumisnew Sun 16-Jun-19 09:17:55

Just be there for her.

My wife knows there will be some up and down days and days I'll just be an emotional wreck... we've known for a week we are pregnant (only 6 weeks gone now) and already she's put up with me retching, she's put up with me crying as I didn't realise it was class photo day at work and I was wearing the wrong top (even though the top I had on was lovely).

Yesterday was her birthday as I had horrible morning sickness, so she went out and brought some savoury plain nibbles (as that's my go to at the moment) some ginger biscuits, some ginger tea and some charcoal mouthwash as I'm always gagging after I've cleaned my teeth at the moment.

It's been hard for me as I'm normally the hard nut one, but make sure she is open about how she is feeling as that will make it easier for you.

Good luck with everything.

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