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Ordering from cryos to your home.

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Mellisaali Sat 29-Dec-18 13:11:00

Hi all,

I am considering ordering Sperm for home insemination from Cryos.

With work it would be impossible for me to attend for all the appointments so I thought if I do it at home at least it is more flexible as I can monitor ovulation myself.

However, I am just wondering about the delivery process. Is it very obvious what is being delivered? Does it have a label? Is it low key and discreet because I have nosy neighbours and family next door.

I just want to make sure it will be private and under the radar.

Also, if anyone has tried home insemination and a clinic as well which would you recommend as being the better option?

Thank you all.hope you are having a lovely weekend

Persipan Sat 29-Dec-18 16:03:44

I have ordered from Cryos multiple times in the past - some of this could have changed now, though, because they can't ship from Denmark anymore (the law there changed) and I believe it's now coming from the US. Whether this has any implications for shipping times or for customs, I don't know. I would also be super-wary of the impact Brexit might have on deliveries/customs/the whole thing.

The dry ice option is relatively discreet to look at (polystyrene box inside a cardboard box) but doesn't stay frozen all that long (a week max, including shipping time). The tank stays frozen much more reassuringly, but is possibly the least discreet object you have ever seen, being bright yellow. You look as though you're having, I don't know, nuclear material delivered, or something.

The delivery slot for me was always a 'by 12 noon' one which meant they would turn up at, like, 11.52. So, you need to factor in the work logistics of being at home for the delivery. You do have to sign for it. The delivery drivers absolutely have googled what's in the box. Mostly they're discreet about it but I did have one who epically was not.

I found the convenience of Cryos worthwhile, when they were shipping from Europe, but I'm not sure I'd use them now they aren't anymore. Also, be aware, it's not a cheap option. You will easily, easily spend well over £1k per cycle (I think I probably averaged about £1500ish) but your odds of success will be lower than going through a clinic. I would definitely recommend getting initial tests done via a clinic if you haven't already, just to check there's no impediment to you getting pregnant (otherwise it would just be money down the drain with Cryos); and you do need to bear in mind how stressful it is going DIY - it's really easy to fluff the timing and again, that's money wasted. On balance I would probably suggest clinic treatment if they're any way to make it work; it's less convenient but you get more bang for your buck, as it were.

Good luck!

Mellisaali Sun 30-Dec-18 10:04:47

Thank you so much, that is really helpful information.

I’m thinking a clinic is probably my best option. It will be very difficult with work but I have to try my best.

Chasing Tue 01-Jan-19 14:15:08

In terms of timing/work I’d try not to worry before you actually make contact with the clinic and find out their procedures. Although some clinics monitor via scans etc for others it’s minimal time in the clinic. We went for unmedicated IUI so went in for a counselling appointment/scan/blood tests/consultation all within about two hours on the same day then monitored ovulation at home and went in for IUI. Our first attempt was unsuccessful so we went in once more for the second IUI. Then we got a BFP and went in at 6 or 7 weeks for a viability scan. So in terms of the actual test and treatment some people could be successful on the first attempt having only been to their clinic twice. I understand though that some other clinics are quite different so it’s definitely worth getting in touch with who you plan to use. Good luck with whichever route you choose!

Mellisaali Tue 01-Jan-19 14:56:22

Thank you that is really helpful to know. I feel reassured that some clinics don’t involve as many appointments. I worry about everything and hearing the talk of all the scanning made me panic.

dosmummas Tue 01-Jan-19 17:44:18

@Chasing those replies are so helpful, can I ask a few questions as well? When u did IUI did you use donor sperm? Can I ask how much it was per cycle? From the initial contact you made with the clinic until your first IUI how long was it? Did you need to pay upfront, did they offer payment plans etc?My partner and I are trying to get this all started but have no idea how much money to start saving for. We are looking to get it done in Spain maybe as we have heard it's a bit cheaper and we have free accommodation there.

Again, thanks so much for your answers, it's all so confusing and so much info to make sense of.

Chasing Wed 02-Jan-19 13:21:01

@dosmumas we did use donor sperm, and the costs involved included an initial consultation and then the IUI treatment.

We paid £650 for our initial consultation (including a scan, a counselling session, blood tests and a consultation with a doctor). This was over 2 years ago, so might have increased slightly. We had our first IUI about a month after the consultation. If our cycle had been different this could have been sooner. The cost of our most recent IUI was £1350, plus a £37.50 registration fee. We also chose to have a scan at £90 the day before the IUI to check for ovulation but you most likely won’t need this (the consultant recommended this for us due to the possibility of there being a LH surge without ovulation whilst breastfeeding. We didn’t have one for any of our previous IUIs).

Basically, you’re looking at around £2040 to start, but you don’t pay the £650 again (unless you leave a very long time in between treatments). After your first appointment, provided you select an available donor reasonably quickly, I think you only have to wait for the right time in your cycle. Our clinic had their own sperm donors and had immediate availability....I’m writing here as though that’s common in other clinics too (I don’t know if this is true unfortunately).

I’m not sure about payment plans...we paid upfront before each consultation/treatment. I believe there are options for IVF (there were lots of posters in the waiting room for this), but I didn’t notice anything for IUI. There was an option to pay upfront for 3 rounds of IUI, with a slight discount. We didn’t go for this as you lose your money if you have a successful pregnancy before you’ve used all 3 cycles. You could have a very expensive IUI if you were successful first go! I’ve heard that quite a few people do choose to do this though. Hopefully your initial consultation and scan should give you an idea as to whether you’re going to expect issues or not.

We found that you get the most out of your initial consultation if you have a lot of data about your cycle. If you can pin point your cycle length and the LH surge days, you can have more meaningful discussions with the doctor. They also won’t ask you to track for a month before trying! They also told us to make sure to take folic acid and vitamin D everyday if we were hoping to try for a baby.

Very long winded, but hopefully this helps!

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