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openhearted Sat 15-Dec-18 03:07:57

Hi all, I'm 39 and hoping to try home insemination next may/June. Is there any tests that would help me on my journey that I could get done by my GP ? What are the best vitamins to get and how many months befor trying to conceive shall I start them ? I'm planning on using Cryos how has everyone else found them ? Plus can I use pre-seed ? Just any and all help really. No one in my real world has tried to conceive this way.

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Heratnumber7 Sat 15-Dec-18 03:24:32

Don't know about the actual conception bit, but taking folic acid for a while before and after you conceive is recommended if you do it the normal way. Helps prevent spina bifida

Hermones1 Sat 15-Dec-18 20:32:21

I ordered from cryos in Denmark and I found it very expensive for what you got although the service was very good and shipping was reliable.

I tried three times with sperm from them and never got pregnant. I checked my ovulation times months before, took Basel temp everyday, took pregnancy max vitamins too and baby aspirin everyday.

You might be better off going to a clinic and paying for IUI. Or at least getting an AMH test done to check your hormone levels and a scan to check your follicles and even your tubes.

openhearted Sat 15-Dec-18 22:23:47

Thank you both for your reply it's giving me something to think about and consider. X

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LanieM87 Sun 16-Dec-18 18:23:37

I am hoping to conceive using cyros next year, only recently come off the pill so I’m just trying to track my periods and ovulation to make sure I order at the right time!
I recently went to a clinic and for a natural iui, I felt that I could get more for less using cryos, the clinic trusts you to track your ovulation and ring them when you’ve had a positive OPK. Clinics are obviously useful if you think you may have a fertility issue.
Anyway that’s just what my research has shown me but everyone is different.
I’ve also started taking folic acid and evening primrose. I think I’ll probably end up buying some presseed to as I don’t think it can hurt!

openhearted Sun 16-Dec-18 19:45:52

Thank you LanieM87 for the reply. I'm going to try home insemination for the first 3 time and see how it goes from there. Also I will start tracking in the new year till im ready to start trying. I decided to go this way because my menstrual cycle runs Like Clockwork still. Plus my ovulation pains come at the right time that my app says that i'm ovulating. Oh could you tell me how evening primrose helps with trying to conceive please ? Would love to know so I can make a more informed decision.

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Persipan Sun 16-Dec-18 19:54:38

Honestly, at 39, I'd consider going via a clinic rather than home insemination, and I'd think carefully about whether IVF would be a better option, odds-wise. You will easily spend £1k+ per cycle with Cryos, and your odds will be something like 5% per cycle. It is possible to conceive in this way, but it's not particularly likely at your age. (Sorry to sound like I think you're ancient! I don't, but I've been on this merry-go-round for a while, so I'm just trying to pass on what I've picked up.)

I found Cryos delivery reliable in the past but I don't know where they ship from now it's not Denmark anymore - I did hear they were shipping from the US - so can't speak to whether that's still the case or whether you'd be likely to encounter any delays or customs problems. I would also be extremely wary of what Brexit might do, in that regard.

With home insemination, timing is everything. There's no clinic scanning your ovaries to check the timing is appropriate; it's all on you. So, if you aren't already tracking your ovulation using at least two different methods, start now.

I'd also recommend getting at least a clinic workup, even if you aren't interested in pursuing treatment via a clinic. Specifically, you're interested in checking a) that you ovulate and b) that your tubes aren't blocked. Without checking those things, you could be spending thousands on nothing, if it later turns out there's a problem. So, it's worth investing in checking.

Good luck!

LanieM87 Sun 16-Dec-18 19:55:23

@openhearted I was thinking of around 3 cycles also, I’m hoping to have two “goes” a month if you will! Try and increase my chances.
Oh fab, sounds like you’ll be able to hit your ovulation with precision! I’m hoping to be like that myself. Like you, I think I’ll probably be trying late spring/early summer all being well. Give me chance to save some more.
Supposedly evening primrose helps with creating fertile cervical mucus making a better environment for the sperm. It’s also supposed to help with pms and cramping etc!! Figured it can’t hurt to take!

openhearted Sun 16-Dec-18 20:13:25

@LanieM87 I will have to add that to my list. I'm planning on taking multivitamins for pregnancy, Vitamin D Because Women who are deficient in vitamin D are only half as likely to conceive as those who get enough. I'm mixed-raced and my family seam to have low vitamin D So I'm trying that. Omega-3 might help regulate female hormones, particularly if you have polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). I'm taking that anyway because I don't eat fish. I've heard of people taking Q10 I think it is but that's not something I can take without asking my doctor because of under active thyroid. Good luck hun on your baby making journey x

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cazinge Sun 16-Dec-18 20:22:08

Like a PP, I would recommend considering IUI or even IVF. I was 26 regular periods, tests all ok but ovaries possibly looked polycystic (No symptoms). I had 3 medicated IUI so I know I ovulated & nada. Took my 2nd IVF (still only 29) to get DS.

openhearted Sun 16-Dec-18 20:31:48

Thank you Persipan and casings I have thought about ivf but the cost in a lump sum is just above what I could afford. I have thought seriously about getting a clinic workup and will probably do that. C

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cazinge Mon 17-Dec-18 15:27:18

openhearted could you save a bit longer or even pay on a 0% card (I know a couple who did this for IVF), I don't normally advocate debt but you may spend the same amount / more on sperm for home insem with much lower success rates. Obviously, I hope it works for you. Best of luck. X

openhearted Mon 17-Dec-18 23:49:48

Hi @cazinge it's a good idea Thank you and one I have considered. If i did it that way it would push me back a bit to be able to start trying. If I do home insemination I can start before I turn 40 but I go the if route I would be at least 40.1/2 to get everything in the right place to start. I just thought better to try befor 40 the home insemination way. X

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Freezerbump Wed 16-Jan-19 16:36:51

Hi there, I'm in a similar position and have just taken the plunge....

I had a fertility mot with blood tests and an ultrasound for egg count and follicle check at a clinic before I made the decision, everything came back ok and as expected for my age so I thought I'd give it a crack at home first using Cryos..

So tracked for an age using my days so along with first response digital ov tracker. Taken ttc folic acid pills trying for a baby pills for 2 months.

Frozen tank (least discreet yellow thing you have ever seen!) arrived on Tuesday pm after I had a solid smiley in the am. First go last night with 2 straws ( which was a bit of a palaver!) and going to do another one this evening.

So we shall see what occurs!

LanieM87 Wed 16-Jan-19 17:47:55

@freezerbump how interesting! I was looking at cryos! Did you find the delivery to be reliable? Also would you say it was obvious what it was??
I hope you’ve been successful and I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!!

openhearted Wed 16-Jan-19 17:53:07

@Freezerbump thank you so much for the reply. I will hopefully be having a fertility mot in about June if everything goes to plan then will see from their. I hope it works out for you and fingers and everything crossed for you. Take care and thanks again x

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Freezerbump Wed 16-Jan-19 18:43:39

Hi guys!

Thanks for the replies... this is possibly the weirdest journey I've ever started so appreciate any support!

Re Cryos, yep, all fine, I ordered a tank as I wanted as long a window as poss in case ov decided to conspire against me.. I actually thought I had ordered too late due to the dithering over the buy button but seems the gods of date were sympathetic! You can track it all across Europe, they were actually a day early and I missed it but came as planned next day with dhl.

Re discretion... well, it doesn't say Cryos sperm on the outside but it's about a foot tall yellow case that's delivered... which should make the curtains twitch! If you order for a Monday despatch I'd go for a box, just depends on when your body cooperates and how reliable it is to be on time, they last 3 days.

I think I've got the technique down now... if you need any info let me know but let's say it's a learning curve I hadn't anticipated!

Not expecting it to work first go so fairly relaxed about it all, I thought I go for 3 home goes then think about clinic iui, but we'll see.

At the moment it's quick, easy, discreet.. flipping weird, but I feel like it's the right decision for me, life's too short to hang about waiting for the "perfect" time I think ( although I do have waves of fear as twins run in the family..)

TWW now confused

LanieM87 Wed 16-Jan-19 19:14:28

Haha it’s certainly not the hearts and flowers approach im sure we all imagined it would be, but needs must and it’s much more of an accepted route to go down now!
Can I ask if you chose non-anonymous or an anonymous donor??
How long from pressing buy did it take to arrive? I do prefer DHL for tracking parcels! Hope it’s always them that they use!
I’m pleased you’ve said it felt quick and discreet, that’s what really interested me. I’ve been to visit a clinic and although the staff were lovely, it just feels a nicer thought to be at home if that makes sense?!

Good luck for your TWW!

openhearted Wed 16-Jan-19 19:21:54

Well good to know there not discrete. I will know what I'm in for now lol. Yeah I'm really glad I've made the decision to do it this way. I can't wait any more for the right person or time. I've done that and it's got me 39 and no child of my own. I would start now but have to lose some weight so my body is in the right place to make it work. I'm using ovusense to track plus my body to tell me when ovulation is happening. I'm going to give myself 3 goes at home insemination. If it doesn't work then see where I go from there. Nice to chat with someone else thats on this journey. I've talked to friends and they get why I've made the choice to go it alone but not why I just don't go out and have a one night stand. They think I should save the money and go for it their way. I don't think they understand I've made the best decision for me and the best decision for any future child in my opinion.

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Freezerbump Wed 16-Jan-19 19:29:37

@LanieM87 hearts and flowers it certainly isn't! (Although in the grand scheme of things probably as or more pleasant than bd of the past.. shhh)
After much consideration, and I won't bore you with the details (my partner and I were bd for 3 years no success, found out after a split that he'd had the snip. Encore we met...now there's a thing to get your head around..)
I went for an anon with extended profile, I know more about this person and his genetic history/education personality and resilience testing/ aptitude that I have ever known about a partner!
A friend volunteered but we gave it a go and it was just too weird, I've decided to just own it. If it happens I'll be honest and open.

Freezerbump Wed 16-Jan-19 19:39:02

@openhearted @LanieM87
Re ordering, I ordered the Wednesday for despatch Friday hoping for delivery mon/Tuesday. You have to order 2 days in advance of a despatch so it's a bit of a mission!
No issues whatsoever they now ship from us, so they land in Larnaca Cyprus and then you can track through Europe, because of this route I don't anticipate much disruption brexit wise as will still be an international shipment.
Remember to add 19% vat on to your order which smarts a bit.
I had 3x 10 mot 2 on first go, one on second, all in cost me about 1200 with the case shock.
But you know what, I have a full genetic history, screening, personality tests, baby pics.. now that makes me feel a lot more secure than copping off with a random (also suggested by a friend) this is something that I want and don't want any random turning up and messing with our little lives because I made a silly decision. This is clear, honest, open and I will have to own that if it works smile

LanieM87 Wed 16-Jan-19 19:56:28

@freezerbump thank you for sharing this, it’s been really useful! I’m still a good month or two away from ordering as I’m still tracking my cycle for trends, but good to know you can get delivery pretty sharpish! Good to know for taking time off to accept delivery as wel!
I think you get a really good extended profile on Cryos and I like that I would be able to share that with the child once they were old enough. I agree with you both, it’s all about what you think is best and why wait around!

Freezerbump Wed 16-Jan-19 20:03:34

@LanieM87 @openhearted

No worries at all, it's pretty bonkers after all, happy to share with anyone who has been dithering or worrying, just wade in I think, if it doesn't work? Then we'll, we know that we've tried and will never wonder smile
If you want to go on for more intrusive methods, hurrah, if you just never wanted to wonder what if, then done smile

Happy to share my efforts if it helps anyone else, I don't think that there's any right or wrong way to do this, and I'd like us all to feel positive about ladies making choices smile
Much love x

Persipan Wed 16-Jan-19 20:27:58

How long is it in transit for these days? It used to be next day when it was coming from Denmark (except when there were issues).

Freezerbump Wed 16-Jan-19 20:32:08

@Persipan allow 3 working days...plan for delivery in 2

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